Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Keith

Dear Keith,

Where have you been all my life?!?!?!. Ok, thats a bit of a stretch but where has the player that is playing in your jersey been most of the season and through 4 games of first series?. Wow, game 7 of the first round and last nights game were great, even though I was half asleep through most of the game last night ( I partly blame being sick for that). Keep it up! If you are scratched again after last night's performance I may steal a plane, fly to Vancouver and poke Alain Vigneault in the eyeballs. Best part is I know you can do even better, I'm just amazed by the step up the past 2 games. Maybe having more then 11 minutes of ice time may help, eventually maybe?

The first highlight in that clip, lead to this comment from me.

I may need to change my Ballard

As you can tell from the rest of my blog, my comments aren't always the most mature things ever said and they don't always make sense but I got a bit excited over that last night.

The next bit of awesomeness that lead to the new phrase and hashtag "Ballard is my Homeboy" (thank you, other Christine for that one) was this

That was a thing of beauty, and I have no idea why it was a penalty. What was a penalty, was the tripping penalty you took after slipping in the same game you were called for clipping.. What?..ya.. I'm lost to. Anyway, this leads to the next thing we need to talk about. Your over dramatic hands up in the air 'I didn't do it' exaggerations. The tripping penalty was obvious and you knew it even when throwing your hands up in the air. You do this a lot, even on non penalty call plays and you just draw attention to yourself. "Hey look at me!. I think I did something wrong but I'm going to throw my hands in the air in hopes the ref thinks I didn't do it"...when they didn't think you did, or didn't full see it. You are one of the most dramatic players I have seen when it comes to that.

Anyway, Keith, Just rememeber that the more successful you become, the more hungry you need to be. (I think)
You don't look very hungry in that picture, thankfully it's old.



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Can Breathe Again

 I've watched this like 10 times now and still get butterflies and teary eyed each time.

What. A. Game. wow.  I have so many random thoughts I'm just going to go let it all flow the best way I know how.

Dear everyone,
I'm sorry for being such a downer in my past few posts, but I honestly could not let go of games 4 and 5. To all my twitter, facebook, SF, BBM peeps, thank you for some what keeping me sane. I said yesterday morning that I wasn't going to be on facebook until after the game, all the messages, texts, bbm's and such with people saying they wanted to hear my thoughts to keep them sane made me smile. However, my thoughts last night would not have kept anyone sane. I don't think my mom even messaged me, until after the game to ask if I was still alive. Ask @chellebelle87 or @ericjjohnson79 who had the (dis)pleasure of talking to me throughout the game, at one point last night one of them  told me I have a problem, and I couldn't even take offense to it. ......or take my facebook status update when Burrows scored as an example.  

"BURROWS YOU CRAZY FRENCH BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
For those who don't know me personally and don't have me on facebook, don't worry about the 'french bastard' part. If you knew my last name, you'd call me a french bastard to.  I am very happy to have all of you to talk to and cheer with moving on to round 2 and beyond.

Dear Keith Ballard,
How does it feel? I know you were 'pissed off' with the losses and being scratched. What a game last night! I LOVE your hip check, there's nothing quite like it...ok I lied...maybe an Alex Burrows goal in OT to advance to the 2nd round is a fair bit better but your hip checks are still a thing of beauty. Keep it up, I really hope I see you in every game for the rest of the playoffs, playing like you did last night or even better. I am still disapointed the jersey I won looked like crap and I had to return it. I'm going to start saving my pennies to buy one now.

Dear Roberto Luongo,
I can't lie, I criticized you and picked apart your every move over the past 7 games, but you were great. It must feel awesome to finally beat the Blackhawks. Loved your comment about it almost being better then when you helped Team Canada win gold in the 2010 Olympics, that is a lot of emotion to show through considering it's only the first round. Feel a little lighter this morning? that monkey is long gone, eh?

Dear Alex Burrows,
I hurt myself on your first goal last night. I jumped up and then realized my laptop was about to fly across the room and bent in a weird way to grab it. I can't turn my head to the left but at least, unlike last night, I can now stand up straight without crazy back pain. Not going to lie,when you took that penalty in OT I was ready to poke you in the eye but you redeemed yourself. I wanted to sleep in my Burrows jersey last night, but was pretty sure my boyfriend wouldn't be to impressed waking up to find me beside him curled up in it.

Dear Corey Crawford,
I had a love/hate relationship with watching you play, you stood on your head and I have no idea how stopped some of the Canucks shots. I was in awe watching you at some moments, and I detest everything about The Blackhawks so that is a huge compliment. You have a very promising future ahead of you, good luck (just hopefully not to much luck against the Canucks in the future, sorry)

Dear Theo Fleury,
When you made the comments the Canucks would be out in the first round, I laughed and moved on not thinking much of it. When *a few* rotten Canucks fans tried to personally attack you for it, I was disgusted. I have huge huge respect for you and admire your courage, but I have to say that I have lost some respect for you. I am in no way saying that what that fans have said to you is right, it is very wrong but you seem to be dragging it out. Is it really necessary to re-tweet everything said? and to lump all Canucks fans together as one? You seem to be finding joy in lumping all Canucks fans together with the assholes, I don't get it.  It is almost like you're doing it for personal gain, because the media has jumped on it and it's getting your name all over the place. Once again, I have read your book twice, have huge respect and admire you but lately I'm just kind of shaking my head.

Dear Dan Tencer,
What do you have to say now?

and Finally best of all....

Dear Luc,
Thank you.

Bring on round 2...and some more of this:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Can't Keep My Mouth Shut

I said I wasn't going to talk to anyone, was going to avoid all Canucks talk and not watch morning skate or interviews. That did not happen, apparently I enjoy conversating(yes, I made that word up) to much. This playoff series is not helping my waist line. I was a size 6, was down to a size 4 and I'm pretty sure by the end of the game tonight I'll be up to a 6 again. When I have been eating it's been nothing but crap food, had McDonald's for the first time in over 3 months on the weekend.....This is what playoff hockey does to me!!! I either don't eat or I eat complete crap. I've managed to keep down breakfast but I don't think there is much hope for lunch and dinner, I am so incredibly nervous. They have the team to do it, lets hope that team shows up tonight.

Best news of the day so far, Keith Ballard IS playing tonight!!!!. Although, his Ryan Kesler like attitude during interviews after practise kind of scared me. They edited out a bit of it before posting it on if you've watched interviews with him through the season you know it's off from them.

I understand he's probably unhappy with being a healthy scratch in the playoffs and unhappy with the outcome of the last 3 games but wow I was kind of at a loss for words when I was watching this morning. Nerves maybe? I hope it's things like that and there isn't more going on then we are seeing and hearing , like some people are suggesting.

Anyway, I'm off to go put on my Ballard t-shirt and go for a walk since it's beautiful here today. Talk to everyone after the game. Please, please, please fans in Vancouver.... be respectful, win or lose don't be idiots on the streets of Downtown Vancouver tonight.

Monday, April 25, 2011

There Is No Sunshine and I Don't Have A Lollipop

It looks like its going to rain outside, no sun,  which reminds me of home so that's alright. I don't have a lollipop, I have way to much easter chocolate, but I'm on a diet so really it doesn't do me any good. I just can't think sunshine and lollipops, I'm having a hard time being as upbeat and optimistic as some fans.

I wish I could be like some of the fans out there and be sure of a game 7 win because it's on home ice. It's amazing how games 4 and 5 seem to be erased from some peoples minds after the great performance of last night, even though it ended in a loss. I wish I could I truly let myself believe this team is going to do it, 6 games ago I could say that but I just can't get by games 4 and 5. I'm not a bandwagon fan, I still love my team, they will always be my team but I can't wrap my head around being so sure they will do it when I just don't know anymore.

Obviously I really really hope they can do it, there is nothing else I want  more at this moment then to knock the Blackhawks out and for the Canucks to move on to round 2.  They do deserve it after the amazing season they had which gave us all this hope. People are avoiding talking about what happens if they get knocked out and Theo fleury's predication comes out true but it's all I'm thinking about. I believe in this team, I know they can do it as long as they show up.  If they do lose tomorrow I hope I can at least say they put up a good fight, they better play their hearts out.

I may pull a Luongo tomorrow and just avoid Facebook and Twitter for the day -not talk to anyone and avoid all articles in the paper and wait until after the game. May be the first time this year I don't watch the morning skate and player interviews as well. If I'm so nervous I cant even think about eating dinner right now I'm going to be a complete mess tomorrow. Not that I'm trying to hide from the Canucks haters and everyone who is just dying to be able to say ' I told you so' but maybe just my attempt to keep my mind on something other then Canucks hockey for a little bit.

Finally,Fellow Canucks fans, let Dan Tencer have his moment, let him bitch and whine all he wants. The ' Canucks fans' that he's calling out, I've met more then my share of Oiler's fans who are exactly the same way. Let him have his moment, to most he sounds like an idiot.  How he can somehow take a rant about the Canucks as a team and bring in safe injection sites in Vancouver is beyond me and just shows the kind of person he is. For the record, I disliked the guy before he even said anything about the Canucks.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

That Was Playoff Hockey

That was one great game, best game of the series it just didn't go the way I wanted it to. The Canucks deserved this game, and I'm not going to make excuses but there was some questionable things that happened. We all know what they were so I'm not going to dwell on it really. Nothing I say will change anything that happened...or didn't happen. Kevin Bieksa was a beast tonight, I want that same Juice to be there Tuesday night..... Honestly I never ever expected a game 6, let alone a game 7.

On Saturday this was my facebook status
How do you get over a tough loss? Have a conversation about a canucks team that includes Eddie Lack as a starter, Bill Sweatt as assistant coach, Chris "baby Tanev" in for Aaron Rome, Keith Ballard as captain, and top forwards are Cody Hodgson, Jeff Tambellini and Rick Rypien...... Do I take myself to the nut house or will someone drive me there?
Also in the same conversation that lead to this nut house team, we also made A JOKE about Andrew Alberts being in and Keith Ballard still being out. Now I know some of said nut house team is crazy..but the Eddie Lack thing is scaring me, not that he'd start but damnit Schneider better be ok for game 7.

My facebook status when it was 2-1 and Schneider was absolutely amazing during the 5-3
omg, marry me Schneider
My status 30 seconds later when Schneider had his little brain fart
damnit Schneider, I want a divorce...just kidding..he's still my favourite goalie.

Of course I wasn't serious at all, I was just being my normal stupid self. It's how I deal with stress and god damnit that was a stressful game. Schneider was pretty good considering the situation, and I hope he is ok. My mom is very impressed with me and my lack of swearing, I'm glad I can still impress my mom with such things at 24 years old.

Anyway, I feel like crap and I'm trying not to think about there even being a possibility the Canucks don't make it out of the first round. I know they can do it, and hopefully the same team that showed up tonight, shows up on Tuesday.

Finally, I leave you with a Bally-bomb....or Ballard taking his sweet time getting getting his crap together behind Hamhuis during an interview..he really does suck in the prank department.

One final word..........So help  me god, if Ballard is not in for Tuesday's game, SOMEBODY IS GOING TO DIE..

Friday, April 22, 2011

I Don't Even Know...

I woke up this morning feeling hungover and I haven't even touched a drop of alcohol since the game I went to on April 5th. I feel like I'm at a loss for words but really I have so much to say I just have no idea how to properly get it out. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I love hockey and it is a major part of my life. The Canucks will always be my team win or lose, I don't care I'm not going to go chase around different teams who are playing better. Maybe I let hockey run my life to much? A little known fact is I have a son who was conceived the week Luc Bourdon died, care to take a guess what my son's middle name is? The Canucks are a major factor in my life, I love everything about this team, except for their performance the past 2 games.

It's not the fact they lost that has me feeling the need to go find a punching bag and put my fist through it, it's the way they lost. 7-2 and 5-0, does that sound like the Canucks we have known all season? perhaps the one game but never in a million years would I have expected the performance I saw last night. It looked like they had no pride, maybe they are taking this whole ' put the last one behind us' shit to easily, because that 7-2 game should of been remembered and used as fuel to play a hell of a lot better then they did last night.

I knew they weren't going to do this in 4 straight, or 16 straight to the cup and people were commenting last night that you'd think the Canucks had just been knocked out. It's pretty clear that if they keep playing the way they have these past 2 games they will be, and I will be furious and sad but at the same time absolutely disappointed in this group of guys. If they had lost 3-2, or something a little closer showing that they actually tried I would be able to accept the losses. They are better then this and everyone knows this is the best Canucks team they've seen yet, they need to start showing it again.

I mentioned Luc Bourdon earlier, last night after the game I couldn't concentrate on anything so I just went to bed and turned my ipod on. The 2nd song that came on was "big leagues" by Tom Cochrane, I put it on repeat and think I must of listened to it at least 5 times.  I'd only met him once, but I still get sad every time I think about him. It makes me sad that someone with such a bright future is gone way to early. I'm not even sure what this has to do with anything but it was just a really weird moment last night.

Anyway, Let's hope the Canucks can do it for Manny and do it for Luc and just do it in general, this was way to great of a regular season to even have the thought of not making it past the first round. They still have two more chances to get back on track, lets hope they do it with the first one.

On another note I tweeted last night " At Least AV can't hold this against Ballard", it made a few people laugh.  Quite a few people seemed genuinely shocked last night when Ballard was a scratch, I was not. I'm pretty sure I'm one of his biggest fans and while maybe I don't completely understand it, I saw it coming from a mile away. I told quite a few people this and most of them thought I was crazy, but obviously I wasn't. Yes he hasn't played up to his potential, but he also hasn't really been given the opportunity to, he needs the minute to get himself going. The inconsistent ice times and then being a healthy scratch are going to make it really hard for him to show management what he has to offer during these playoffs. I think they've already given up, and that really burns my cheese. It's sad when my blog is being found by search terms like " Why does Alain Vigneault  hate Keith Ballard" and " What did Keith Ballard do to AV".

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Hate Sweeping

It's true, I used to clean house's for a living, sweeping is pointless. Get a vacuum with a proper floor piece then get your lazy butt on your hands and knees and scrub that floor by hand, it's the only way your hard flooring will truly be clean. If I can do it with bum knees and being 9 months pregnant, you can do it.

I also didn't think the Canucks would sweep the Blackhawks. Ask anybody I talk to on a daily basis I have said all along that the Canucks will take it in 5 games. Even after seeing the way the Canucks were playing after the first 3 games I still said they wouldn't sweep. All day I had to bite my tongue as people on facebook and twitter were talking about Sweeping, showing pictures of brooms and all that crap. I had, however, said that the Canucks would lose game 3, not game 4 but I knew they wouldn't win both games in Chicago. Ask @ericjjohnson79 we've had a few discussions on this subject, I have to keep the hockey part of his brain alive since he's an Oilers fan...and well...we all know how they are (shh the last 2 games the Canucks played against them in the regular season really didn't happen, we were all having nightmares).

Anyway, about half way through the second last night I hoped on facebook and changed my status to
" Dear all you people and your sweep and broom time kindly shut the F*ck up"
 First off there is no denying it, I have the mouth of a trucker and if you don't like it..well...I'm sure you know what I'd tell you. I think sometimes it makes what I say seem a bit more serious then I intend..anyway,  I got quite a few responses mostly people agreeing and 'liking' of the status. This morning I woke up to a comment on it from one of my childhood friend's dad, it said:

"I was one who said that and it was my Opinion at the time, sometimes we are all wrong. At least i had the balls to say it! I hate all this hoccus pocuss bullshit that if you say something you jinx them WTF! Shut the f*ck up, I think not!"

It wasn't at all I thought people were jinxing it, I don't believe in that crap, I'm not superstitious. I was being realistic and knew the Canucks would not sweep the Blackhawks. Simple as that, I knew that even though the first 3 games may have suggested it the Blackhawks were not going to lose both games at home. Call me crazy, hate me, do what you want. It was my opinion, and it turned out to be right. I even had one person tell me this morning I'm not a true fan, because I didn't believe they were going to win it in 4?. Give your head a shake, obviously it would of been nice, and in a way I wished they had but what can you do.

In saying all that though, I did  not expect such a shit poor performance from the Canucks last night. I expected there to be some sort of fight to them, I expected a much closer game then 7-2. I do think everyone over reacting about this game needs calm down. It's one game, yes one bad game but they will bounce back. We've seen it a couple times through the season, not many times because they had such a good season and I think thats part of the problem with the fan base.  I guess if I take one thing away from this game it's how much I enjoy watching some boom boom from  Mr. Bieksa.

On a superstitious sort of front, I hate playoff beards because well... I hate facial hair in general, it makes me cringe. I do enjoy seeing the fans and even players competing and raising money for charity and how funny some of the players look as the playoffs roll along and the hair gets crazy. So I guess it's all good in the

 If you have managed to stay with me through all this rambling, I'm going to leave you with a quote I saw today.
"It's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and get back up"
This can be taken many different ways, but I am absolutely in love with this quote and I usually don't bother with that crap. I had a crappy night last night not even including the game so I'm taking it one way. I also have been in my share of fights, so I can take it literally. How do you take that? One response on twitter I received was
"So we better hope the boys get back up really hard and hit the living daylights out of the #Hawks? =)" @jadedkrystal 

Enjoy your day everyone.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting to Know Keith Ballard

They say you don't truly know what someone looks like until you've seen them upside down....

Ok I don't think they do, and I'm pretty sure I just made that up  but I find this picture from yesterday's Behind The Lens gallery on highly amusing. I also love the fact that within 10 minutes of it being up I had 4 different messages either showing me the link or telling me to go look for it. I am also suddenly very aware of how short my finger nails are.

I've recently come across some other information that I feel the need to share.

Keith Ballard is a Psycho 
 I came across this article through his wikipedia page and I couldn't stop laughing. 
"While it may come as a surprise, Keith Ballard is a psycho. He has this eerie trait like Norman Bates, never knowing when he may snap on the ice. He has this split personality like Jekyll and Hyde, mild-mannered student by day, enraged enforcer game night. Some things just set Ballard off, and like the Incredible Hulk, he may just smash anything in his way " read more here
 I mean, really, it does make sense. You can sort of see it in him still but I'm glad he's not the player that that article kind of makes him out to be, specially that first paragraph. I can't imagine being given the nickname Psycho (ok, I'm still laughing at this). Not that 'Bally' is that great, I love the twitter world and his nicknames that include ' Hips' and 'jockstrap jesus'. Then again a few of my nicknames through the years have been ' Teen', 'Archie', 'Nucky', 'Can-Can' and 'Shorty' so I can't really talk.

Keith Ballard Wishes He Could Play For Team Canada
I've mentioned before he is my first American born Favourite player, well this makes me feel better. He wishes he was Canadian and could play for Team Canada, so much so that he will even wash cars in a Team Canada jersey.(yes I do know the actual story behind the picture..shhh)

I'm pretty sure you lovely people that follow my blog already know more then you ever expected to, or ever wanted to know about him and I honestly never expected to still be going with this. I laugh every time somebody sends me something relating to him saying  they instantly thought of me and hope I can work with it.

 On a more serious note, I am putting my white towel on the end of my hockey stick and waving it around, I just don't get his lack of ice time. The last few games of the regular season Ballard really stepped up his play and I was excited for the playoffs, thinking it was going to be a big break out for him. I know as a bottom pairing he was only going to see about 15 minutes of ice time a game, so be it. Game 1 he had just over 14, game 2 he had just over 12, game 3 just over 9 minutes. I've had people messaging me asking why, and I honestly have no clue. I've been chatting with a few people and part of the reason could be he's not put out to kill penalties which could of limited his ice time last night. But that much? people are also starting to suggest he's hurt again, or still has lingering pain in his knee or another area. I...don't...know and yes I am quietly preparing myself for him to be a scratch soon. I can not hear the thoughts inside Alain Vigneault and Rick Bowness's head. I don't talk to Keith Ballard, although I do wish I could have like 20 minutes of his time one day to ask some questions. (I also really want to see what George looks like, I'm starting to doubt his manly-ness)

I don't know what's going on, but I really hope that through the rest of the playoffs and my wishful thinking for next season he is utalized as the player he is known to be before this season. Also as unhappy as it would make me to see him leave the team I live for, I guess I'd have to be happy if next season he was somewhere where he gets to see the ice time a player like him deserves, I'll have a small like for another team if I have to.

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Jersey

If you follow me on twitter, or have me on facebook or talk to me on blackberry messenger, you know how stupidly excited I was to receive my new jersey I won. Yesterday we had a snow storm but I trekked  out with both my kids because the jersey had been delivered to my mail box down the street.  As soon as I took it out of the bag I thought it looked off but couldn't put my finger on it. When I laid if flat out I noticed that the 4 seemed off centre, but 4 is a hard number to base things off of because of it's shape. I put it on and it just looks bad to me.

I've shown the picture to many people and only 1 person out of 30+ has said they would probably let it slide. The letters have almost double the space between them then the Burrows jersey I got last year. The 4 does look off no matter how much credit I try to give to the fact that it's hard because of it's shape for it to look proper. However, I think the spacing between the letters is bugging me more now. Am I over reacting and letting my OCD get the best of me? I thought I was but the more people I hear say yes it is off is making me believe my own thoughts more. Already have it packed up and ready to take to the post office to return hopefully this weekend if the snow clears away enough.

So...I'm back to having no Ballard jersey and a $160 electronic GC to the company that I have no use for. The Canucks better win today, I'm having a bad day. If I had a playoff towel I'd probably go cry into it for a few minutes because it's just the way things always seem to go for me.

I'd love to get back to regular scheduled programming but Ballard hasn't done anything I can make fun of him for lately.  I may need to write something serious about him soon......... I did however bug Dan Murphy and Jeff Paterson about their attire on the Playoff Show today, they were good sports. They may have to be careful though if Ballard doesn't do something for me to write about ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Observations Surrounding Game 1

That game was great, I expected a Canucks win in game 1 but the first period, at least, was better then I was thinking. Although, Canucks fans need to thank the hockey god's for the posts behind Luongo on more then a few occasions. I was hoping they would interview Ballard during the live post game interviews on, but no luck. Hoping there is something in the papers today, I want to know what he thought about his first playoff game. However, according to Jim Hughson Ballard was barely on the ice as apparently Dan Hamhuis wore both number 2 and number 4 last night. I couldn't believe the amount of people leaving the game early, I know traffic gets bad, the skytrain gets packed but it's a playoff game! I don't care if the team is up 2-0, stay until the end and cheer them on.

I am so glad I finally caved and signed up for twitter last summer. I've met some awesome people and being able to connect with other Canucks fans has been awesome since I live in a house of Flames fans, that don't even really watch hockey. It was great last night, within like 5 seconds of a goal or big hit I'd look at my twitter tab and see like 40 new tweets. It was fun to read through and see I wasn't alone with some of my thoughts. I also won my Ballard jersey thanks to twitter, although it's not here yet. Was really hoping it would be here in time for game 1 but hopefully it gets here today or tomorrow. I really want to go to one of the outdoor rinks before it warms up to much and get some pictures done.

One thing that really melted my butter last night were some of the Oilers fans, they feel the need to bitch and whine and claim #1 about EVERYTHING. (Yes, I know there are many great Oiler's fans out there, as there are many bad Canucks fans) I don't know how often I have to sit here and listen to ' Oh we did this before Calgary', ' we were first at this'. Last night, some felt the need to call Canucks fans singing the national anthem pathetic and crappy. Apparently they started the whole arena singing the anthem thing first. Who the hell cares if you did? Why do you need to call it pathetic and crappy? I'm sorry but I don't care who's fans are singing it, who did it first. Point is you have 19,000+ people singing OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM in unison. I don't give a crap if it's Oilers fans, Flames fans hell even if it was Leafs fans I'd stilll appreciate the fact that there are that big of a group of people singing our countries song. Show some pride for your country in general, Edmonton is not the center of the universe.

On a national anthem note, I love Mark Donnelly probably more then he loves cake. I'm also pretty sure Richard Loney is brought back from the dead each time he comes to sing.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I suck, but It's Playoff Time!!!

I haven't updated in a week, I am a horrible blogger. I'm going to blame it on the fact I've been off in lala land on pain killers dealing with an abscess tooth and trying to write something while like that is like asking Keith Ballard to score a goal. The pain is disgusting, I've had 2 kids, broken every finger on both hands, cracked my head open, broke my wrist twice and suffer from migraines that can hospitalize me, and NOTHING compares to the pain of a damn abscess tooth. The little bastard is gone now so I'm ready to move on, get off the pain killers and get back to business. I promise better stuff over the Playoffs.

Playoff time!... What does that mean for me? Not eating on game days. Sometimes I can get down breakfast and some lunch but dinner is definitely a no go, my stomach is way to crazy from being way to excited about the game. Perhaps I get a little to excited, but that's just me. I am more excited about this year then any other year in my 24 years of being a fan. I am not afraid of the Blackhawks, at all, one major reason for this is Dustin Byfuglien. I wasn't on twitter last year, which is a whole new exciting thing I'm seeing come this time of year, but if you are on my facebook you know my dislike for this guy. I believe my mom even had to tell me to watch my mouth after one game when I went off about him, and she never usually cares. However, in this game he 1. Scored a goal, 2. Screened Luongo which lead to a goal. 3. Drew a penalty (Shane O' Brien) which lead to a power play goal. That guy just makes my skin crawl, I can't stand him. I don't even like what I've seen of him off ice, but then again I usually avoid it, so maybe he is a decent person. (kind of like good ol' Patrick Kane. Ian Walker managed to change my views on him today, take a look)

Keith Ballard says he doesn't know how it can get much louder then it already is in this great piece by Jeff Paterson. Well Keith, you have no clue what you are in for, prepare your ears now.  The playoff atmosphere at Gm Place Rogers Arena is absolutely crazy, I've been there, done that. I wish I could experience it again, or just the hype in the city this time of year. Instead, I will sit alone in my living room with my (hopefully. Canada Post is going to be sorry they ever accepted my call if it's not here today) Ballard jersey on cheering my little heart out. I'd be  waving a towel to, if I had one.  Perhaps I'll even crack open a beer, it's been a long stressful week and I need it.

From @VanCanucks "Ballard on making his playoff debut: "This is what we live for. I have some butterflies, but that's natural, this is huge."

I'm ready....are you? 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

King Of The Rink posted this yesterday:

First thing I notice is that Kevin Bieksa is obviously jealous of Keith Ballard. Second, Chris Tanev  thinks he's great, "funnest guy" and only one to answer "superhero", besides Ballard.

On to Ballard's answers. He thinks he should win an award for singing? I'm having a hard time with this one, either he has a hidden talent or he's being his usual sarcastic self. Although I have heard he likes country music, so I'm kind of scared. His favourite board game is scrabble? Well then Keith, I hereby challenge you to........nevermind that's been done already, moving on. Of course he'd go for a superhero for himself, he's special like that- all man, just like his tiny dog George. Cell phone is a solid choice for something to not leave the house without, no problems there, I'd be lost without mine. I shouldn't be alive is also an alright show, so I'll give him that one as well.