Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Keith Ballard appears to be an interesting character off ice. So I must go through my favourite off ice moments from the season

George is small, but all man and not afraid to defend himself. I'm pretty sure Keith is talking about himself.

How can we forget his horrible fail of a prank on Kevin Bieksa? The picture in itself is great. If you haven't read it, you must.

at the 17 second mark is where we learn just how mature 28 year old Keith Ballard is. He steals the ball away from the guys, tells them they can't play and then plays himself.

Not long before this I told him he needed to out do the Keslerbomb, so what does he do? tries to steal it. Good job Keith, good job.

Here is where we discover the reasons behind his horrible season. He has scoliosis and borderline osteoporosis. He sucks at shooting and thinks the definition of clutch is not falling down. Poor Keith

Here Ballard admits to keeping a rabbit in his bag. The guys just plain weird.

Here he admits to being a nerd, are we really surprised by this at all?

Finally, Let's all take a minute to look at his inability to dress himself properly considering how much money he makes:

and please remember.....when all else fails....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Favourite Bally Moments Part 1

I need a pick me up....

Obviously when looking back at his season, his off ice antics were far more entertaining then most of his on ice. I do have some on ice moments I loved though.

Can you imagine the aneurysm Alain Vigneault would have if Ballard was in this position anytime past November?


ok so the only reason I'm throwing this horrible fight in here is because I love the name Abdelkader


So he CAN Score....

only twice in a season though


Not a great fight, but a Ballard fight none the less.

not the greatest but I'll never ignore Ballard's hips.

out of my way, asshole.

clipping....clipping?.... I'll clip you.

Last but not favourite on ice Ballard moment of the season