Thursday, September 1, 2011

Favourite Bally Moments Part 1

I need a pick me up....

Obviously when looking back at his season, his off ice antics were far more entertaining then most of his on ice. I do have some on ice moments I loved though.

Can you imagine the aneurysm Alain Vigneault would have if Ballard was in this position anytime past November?


ok so the only reason I'm throwing this horrible fight in here is because I love the name Abdelkader


So he CAN Score....

only twice in a season though


Not a great fight, but a Ballard fight none the less.

not the greatest but I'll never ignore Ballard's hips.

out of my way, asshole.

clipping....clipping?.... I'll clip you.

Last but not favourite on ice Ballard moment of the season


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