Monday, November 28, 2011

An Explanation of Sorts

I tried to log into my blog account earlier and couldn't even remember my password, I was quite disappointed in myself. I had been so good with finding something to talk about almost every day last season. I've posted a couple things this season but not much, and it's not for lack of material to go on. I don't think I need to give everyone an explanation but I am going to go personal and tell everybody what's going on.

On September 1st I packed my children up and left a very bad relationship. A relationship I was in for 4 years that had me go through things I do not wish on my worst enemy. He never knew about this blog, it was my way of escaping from the real world for awhile. He never would of let me do it if he knew.

It was Rypien's death that made me realize I needed to make changes in my life before I ended up in that same lonely place. That and thanks to the wonderful world of twitter and hockey, I met a great friend who was able to convince me, and help me make these changes. So, I made the changes, I left and I am much happier now. I love walking into my living room and seeing hockey pictures and posters everywhere, knowing nobody can tell me what I can or can not hang up in my house.

I figured that once I was out of that relationship and on my own I would be able to blog more freely and would have more content but it hasn't really worked out that way. I still make fun of Ballard and say really random crap on twitter and facebook but I just haven't been able to make myself sit down and blog the way I did last season. My son also decided to dump his milk and water on my nice laptop one morning while watching cartoons and completely fried the keyboard so I was computerless for awhile.

I finally have a new (used) netbook thanks to my sister, I have internet set up so I can watch games again, and I'm hoping it's the start of a new time. I really hope to start blogging more again about Ballard and hockey in general. I think a 'Dear Keith' is long over due.....or maybe it will be a 'Damnit Keith'

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