Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh Ballard My Ballard

Ill start off by saying I am not the most knowledgeable hockey fan around. I can’t analyze the game like some of the people out there, but my passion for the game is out of this world.  From a young age I loved everything hockey, everything Vancouver Canucks and everything Trevor Linden.  I am female, and love hockey for the game, but can admit that I find Kevin Bieksa  incredibly good looking.  I try to stick to the game, although I occasionally get dragged into the off ice rumour mill but never for long because I end up annoying myself.

It took me 2 years to finally let myself believe that Trevor Linden was in fact retired and I had to find a new ‘favourite’ player. I choose Alex Burrows, hes French, Im French, he runs his mouth, I run my mouth, he plays hockey, hockey. Ok not quite sure why I choose him out of all the guys on my favourite team, but he was it, his jersey is proudly hanging in my closet.

Anyway, the other day I was bored and watching clips on I focused in on Keith Ballard, something about the way he talks just makes me want to pick him up and stick him in my back pocket (don’t ask).  I decided to type his name into google and youtube just for something to do and had to laugh at the first things that come up.

1. He accidentally almost decapitated his own goalie
2. He once threw a puck into his own teams net
3. He "fought" Sidney Crosby

Now, what kind of random crazy stuff is that? There is also the fact that he has a beautiful hip check and isn’t really afraid to drop the gloves with anyone, even if it usually just ends up in a bear hug, dance move(has he ever won a fight? ;) ).  Yes I am aware there is far far more to him as a player then that.  He is officially my new favourite player, not sure why, the 3 things I mentioned still make me chuckle. I'm sick like that.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this blog, or if it will ever go anywhere. If it does, expect it to be a lot of random ramblings, not really any in depth analysis of the game, and probably a lot of talk about Trevor Linden. I am one of the most random people you will ever talk to.


  1. Ahahaha, I love it, Christine! I am forever picturing Keith in your back pocket now. Just browsing through all your posts here. Loving your blog!

  2. Interesting. I found your blog by randomly Googling Keith Ballard pictures (I clicked on the one of him looking at something on his phone) and have discovered the first and third. #3 has further endeared him in my heart, LOL, and I need video of #1. I have a far more indecent place I'd like to put him (than my back pocket). ;o)

  3. just youtube search keith ballard, there is a crazy amount of videos showing it.

  4. This is officially one of my new favorite places to toss time into on the internet!! I love your humor...... and your love for Bally ;) Seriously, you've had me cracking up since I discovered your blog the other night! I hope you post more, I'm loving it.