Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Soundtrack Of My Life

Do you have  a sound that reminds you of a happy time in your past? Mine would be the voices of Tom Larscheid and John Shorthouse.  Unfortunately we don’t get to hear Tommy anymore, but Shorty is still going strong. Their voices remind me of when I lived in Vancouver, somewhere I’d love to live again but have come to face reality, and that is that I never will. I remember so many happy times listening to them call games, so many crazy Tommy comments that still make me laugh. Sure it wasn’t always the happiest of times for the Vancouver Canucks, but it reaches beyond that. I have been lucky enough now to find a way to watch Vancouver broadcasts of games and still get to listen to John Shorthouse. His voice could put me to sleep. I realize that may sound weird to most, his voice is different to say the least, but its just the calmness it gives me. 

Every once in awhile, when I’m having a rough day I'll go and watch the you tube clip of John Shorthouse on stage with Michael Buble, singing “Thanks For The Memories” to Larscheid.  It makes me laugh, then get teary eyed, but in the end I feel better.

I have always said two people I most want to meet are Trevor Linden, and John Shorthouse.  I went to the Canucks game when they were in Edmonton on November 2nd. I had been bugging a few Canucks  reporters on twitter to come have a drink with me, I had  a few(or 6) drinks myself and none of them responded. Seriously, they need to accept my free beer offer next time.

It was a good game, Canucks won, Raffi Torres had a hat trick(say what?!?!), all in all I thought it was an amazing few hours out. I met many Canucks fans, trash talked with a few Oilers fans and we were on our way home.  So there I was sitting on the LRT platform waiting for the next train when coming up the escalator I see a very Familiar face.

Well hi there my idol!. I jumped up and I believe I went up to him and said “ Oh my god you’re John Shorthouse”. I chatted with him and John Garrett for quite awhile waiting for the train. Talking about the game, Trevor Linden (surprise surprise), and Tom Larscheid. I got to mentioning the things I have mentioned here about his voice reminding me of happy times, of being a calming sound for me. He responded with something to the effect of “ Well I guess Im the soundtrack of your life”.  Perfect. I took a few pictures with him mentioning I wanted a couple in case I looked ugly and he replied with “ Oh I don’t think you could take an ugly picture”.....he said this moments before I took a picture with John Garrett

I really should of taken another picture with him to, but I didn’t. I just like to caption it with “ My Love for John Garrett is like the wind, sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not”. Sometimes his crazy ramblings get on my nerves, but  I still love him.  He wasn’t quite sure what to do with me, he kept laughing at me being so ecstatic that I was talking to John Shorthouse. I also proceeded to chase him onto the train after they had walked away so I could take a picture with my phone, to put on Twitter and Facebook right away. Im pretty sure the poor guys were tired of me by the time they got off the train a few stops later.

And of course, I can’t end this without a sweet little Ballard:


  1. thanks for following on Twitter, i've got you back.

    regarding "Soundtrack of your life" what a great line by Shorty, and what a great night!! love the pics of you with Shorthouse and Garrett.

  2. Have you seen the behind the scenes vid of that commercial? Classic.

    BTW, prepare for comment spam as I watch tonight's game.