Sunday, February 13, 2011

Christmas is over...

and by that I really mean Hockey Day In Canada. Aside from Canada Day, I think HDIC is my favourite day fo the year. In fact, when I have my own place I think I will decorate my house for this day. What more can you ask for then a full day of  Canadian hockey teams? I watched the Edmonton vs Ottawa game. Missed  most of the Toronto at Montreal game and of course caught the Vancouver vs Calgary game. Love all the little stories and everything relating to hockey that is played on CBC on this day. I also realized today that Keith Ballard is my first none Canadian favourite player. (Trevor Linden, Mike Cammalleri, Alex Burrows and  Dan Hamhuis)

Big Thanks to Scotia Bank for the awesome contests through the week on twitter, and for allowing me to win that jersey. Pretty cool!. They also sent a toque, a backpack and a water bottle, which my soon to be 3 year old daughter has taken over.

Kevin Bieksa Wins After Hours 

Thats right folks, Kevin Bieksa wins After Hours. He has got to be the BEST interview I have ever seen on there. It can be found here. The way he reacted to Scott Oake's comments with cheekiness and  sarcasm was great, and he always gave good answers to the serious questions. Which is why I've always said if there is one player I could sit down and have a beer with, it would be him.  When I saw Bieksa would be a guest I had some thoughts go through my head.  He bugs Ryan Kesler about RK17, so why not when Scott Oake asks on Twitter for questions to ask "When  is the KB3 clothing line coming out". I didn't mean this as a serious question, I thought maybe a few of my followers might see it and have a little chuckle and that would be that. happened. Scott Oake had asked Bieksa about Kesler's line and then he said "well I guess you've answered my next question". I knew then that I was doomed. He asked my absolutely ridiculous  question. It led to this outburst

@Canuckgirl16 : JESUS I WASN'T SERIOUS!!!! hahah

@Taryneliza_beth : CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!!!! @Canuckgirl16

Then within seconds I had 10 new followers and people tweeting me saying they had a good laugh over it. Well thats good.

Anyway, thats my mumble jumble for today. All in all it was a great Hockey Day In Canada, and I wont forget it for a long time.

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  1. That was a great interview. I loved Cory Schneider's too.