Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Keith (part 2)

I Promise to be serious next post.
(yes I am aware he will never read this)
Dear Keith,

It is my understanding you are some what of a prankster and loved the *idea* of your prank on Kevin Bieksa. However, the hilarity of the failure may have been funnier then if the prank ever worked out.  I wish there was more pictures of it, or more were released anyway .  We need to change this, or get more of your stories out there. I just wanted to let you know we can team up, Im only 5 feet tall, I can fit almost anywhere.  We can also try out some of the other pranks that have been made up for you. Let me know, you’ll be out my way in April.

Your shortest blogging fan

p.s. Kevin's pranks, as I see it, are pretty lame, he needs to step it up as well.

In all seriousness if I met him, I'd probably fall over. I'm the girl that puked after meeting Matt Cooke, who was my favourite player at the time. (I feel the need to make it clear he is no longer anywhere near my list of favourite players.) I Had a panic attack when meeting Markus Naslund and refused to talk to Mattias Ohlund once. Hell, Squire Barnes used to come to my work quite often and I could barely tell him how much his total was. Yup, that’s me, the shyest person you will ever meet. I won't even tell you the story of meeting one of my favourite actors, I was horrible.(Eric, if you're reading this, I want a do over. Maybe one that includes beer and hockey, I promise not to make you watch Joffrey Lupul and the rest of the Leafs).  I find it stupid and it's embarrassing but can’t help it, they are just regular people like you and I. When I was younger I dreamt of being the next “Shorty”, a female version, that never happened. I never believed in myself enough or got over my anxiety.  Instead I write this nonsense and faintly dream of what could have been.

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  1. This was comedy gold. Like you said, the failure of the prank was probably even better.

    And I'd probably have a panic attack if I met Markus Naslund too.