Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Will Always Have Dan Cloutier

 Everything in my life has some sort of hockey relation

In October of 2010, my Auntie Diane died and I was heart broken, she was the most amazing lady ever. In December of 2010 her husband, my Uncle Norm died. I've never hurt more, I still rarely have a day where I don't break down when I think about them. They raised their own kids, then fostered countless others, my uncle was  a truck driver until the very minute he died. This is my open letter to them

Uncle Norm and Auntie Diane,

Words can not express how much I miss you guys.

Uncle Norm, Id give anything, ANYTHING, for one more of your amazing hugs. The endless stories you told of things that happened in your life never failed to amaze me, everyone who I have ever talked to has been told at least one of them I think. I love the Starvation Army one the best, if I'm having a bad day, I just have to say "Starvation Army" to myself and I will make myself laugh. I honestly wish I could of spent more time with you, writing down the stories as you told them and making them into a book, I think everybody would of loved them. One of my biggest regrets is not getting in contact with you after Auntie Diane died, to tell you how much I loved you and missed you.

Auntie Diane, you are the most amazing person I have ever have and I don't think anyone I will ever meet from this point forward can compare. You were always there to listen, to give a truthful opinion and help out in any way possible. I will always cherish all the late night talks we had on facebook, where no matter what, you always helped me think positive of even the worst situation. No matter what I said, how pissed off I was, how much I swore, you always made me feel better with the simple words ' you know I love ya, kiddo'. You are the one of the only people I have ever felt comfortable talking about absolutely anything to. One of my favourite recent memories was when I posted this sentence I had just read out of Hockey: A Peoples History:
"The One-eyed Mcgee retired (from playing hockey) to a job where vision clearly wasn't necessary: he became a referee"
 I remember how hard you laughed at that. Then, even though it was late at night, had to call Uncle Norm while he was on the road and tell him. Of course then to, even though it was just a quick little conversation you said "love ya, Kiddo".

No matter what way I try to look at it, I will NEVER understand your love for Dan Cloutier. I have to admit now though, thinking back to our back and forth banter and teasing regarding Dan Cloutier and Kevin Weekes, those names will stick with me for the rest of my life. You've got the best seat in the house now to watch every Canucks game played.

I love you guys like crazy, and will always make sure my kids know everything possible about you guys.


I was unable to make it their funerals. At my Aunt's funeral I had this read on my behalf:
"Auntie Diane was the most amazing person I have ever met. She saw good in everybody no matter how bad they were. I know this because she was a Dan Cloutier Fan.

Then my  Uncle Norm  was presented with a Dan Cloutier Plaque. He kept it until he died, and now I have it back again and will cherish it, as much as I hate to cherish anything Dan Cloutier, forever.

So Uncle Norm and Auntie Diane, I'd  just like to let you know that We Will Always Have Dan Cloutier.

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  1. Christine...that is a beautiful letter.

    I know they are both looking down and laughing with you. My mom & dad both loved you so much. I too am having a very hard time dealing with it most days. With all they did for people that's just not the way it was supposed to end.

    They should have been able to retire, they should have been able to travel together in that fifth wheel and come and visit with you and all the other relatives that they loved and missed so much.

    I know that if they could, they would tell you, and the rest of us as well, to live your best life, laugh as often as you can, and not sweat the petty things. (then dad would say the sweaty thing!)

    When ever you are sad, mad or frustrated, just remeber how good those hugs felt, 'cause he would definately be giving you one if he possibly could.

    And if you ever need to talk...I am here if you need me, "cuz I love you too and miss you like crazy.<3