Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ballard Is My Homeboy

So I was sitting here thinking, man I hope Keith Ballard says something funny or SOMETHING so I can blog about it tomorrow. Then I go upstairs to put my daughter to bed and come back downstairs, lay down on the couch and HE SCORES. I jumped up so fast and screamed "WHAT?!?!" that I'm pretty sure I wont be able to move my neck in the morning.


Then twitter goes down. Clearly Ballard's amazing play broke twitter. I am officially crazy excited that hockey is back and for Ballard being on pace for 82 goals.

All the Ballard excitement aside, I am extremely disappointed that Matt Cooke scored not only 1 but 2 damn goals. I guess when you aren't thinking about trying to knock someone's head off it's a lot easier to score.


  1. That goal was beautiful!!! So happy for him. Ballard's back!

  2. I could watch that goal all day!