Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hockey is Back!!

A Couple of weeks ago it came out that Ryan Kesler would be posing nude in a magazine coming out. My first thought wasn't how hot it was going to be, but what Kevin Bieksa's reaction would be, I even mentioned it to Ian Walker.

So here is the picture:

Now, I am female and as I've mentioned before I have no problem admitting I think a player is good looking. HOWEVER, that picture is not attractive at all in my opinion. Kesler can be a good looking dude, but that picture just has way too much muscle. I gave him the benefit of the doubt but some of the lines that came out of Kevin Bieksa's lovely little mouth yesterday about it were great.

(thanks PITB, couldn't find it on youtube to put up  before)

And onto some real matters in no particular order. Just go read them, you wont be sorry.

    • I have always liked the guy, and knew to watch for him because of a friend who grew up where he did .What a story though, go read it. NOW!  
    • Ha...haha...ha. I'll believe the little prick when I see it for at least a season.
    • This doesn't need any explanation. 

I am definitely excited for hockey to be back, a distraction from some stuff going on in my life right now. Hopefully I can get back into a regular blogging schedule as I failed horribly the past 2 months.