Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bite Me

Alex Burrows. Where do I start? I have his jersey so I do like him, but sometimes I have a hard time justifying wearing it to. I actually haven't put it on since April when the Canucks were here. Not because I'm embarrassed, I just don't see the point of putting it on to sit in my house by myself and watch the game, since nobody else watches here and I'm not allowed to have people over. Anyway, there are some things he does that just make me shake my head. His diving/embellishment on hits drives me crazy, He's not as bad as he used to be but he still does it. Yes, I am aware the Sedins, Kesler and Hamhuis have also been pretty guilty of this in past games. Last night was a complete face palm moment.....biting someone's finger? COME ON!. He said he didn't, or he had no choice or whatever. My kids stick their fingers in my mouth all the time, doesn't mean I have to bite them, or close my jaw to get their fingers out. Do I think he should be suspended? I wouldn't complain if he got a game, but the way things go and it being the Stanley Cup Final I'm not sure I see it happening.

I enjoy trash talking/chirping fans of other teams, I usually keep it to my actual friends -people I know- so it isn't taken the wrong way. My friends know not to take things I say to seriously, even when most of them are Flames or Oilers fans. I don't go nearly as far as some people I know or have come across though, and never will.  I have to say living in this city (Edmonton) and following quite a few Oilers fans on twitter, some of them are complete arrogant morons. I've pretty much come to the conclusion after 3 rounds that they do not watch the games for entertainment, they watch the games purely to find things 'wrong' with the Canucks and the city of Vancouver to bitch about. I know not all fans are like this, I know a handful that I talk to regularly and our rivalries are good fun. I'm getting sick and tired of hearing constantly ' Edmonton is better at ____' , ' Oiler's players would never do this _____'.  A lot of them talk like they have the best team in the NHL, or the only team that is perfect at everything. I'm sorry, but grow up.

If the Canucks were not in the final, I would be watching for entertainment value, not to pick apart every single thing about the team in it. I think that separates real 'Hockey Fans' from fans who only watch if their team is around.  Quite frankly, I don't care who is or isn't cheering for the Canucks now that they are in the Stanley Cup Final. I wouldn't want these types of people cheering along with me. I'm already having a hard enough time dealing with all these 'Canucks fans', that I hadn't heard from all season but are suddenly in love with "Kessler" and "Erhoff".

So, to all you people who can't just sit and enjoy a game, purely for the fact we get to watch NHL hockey in June...............bite me, I dare ya.

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