Thursday, June 9, 2011

This and That

My thoughts are so all over the place that I am going to bullet this bad boy

  • Keith Ballard looked like he had a decent game if you just look at his 2 shots and 6 blocked shots. Then you look at the -2,  that horrid cluster something or other that lead to the 3rd goal and the fact that half of his blocked shots were recoveries form his own bad giveaways....suddenly it doesn't look so good. 
  • 1 on 1 with Keith Ballard - He says again his confidence is fine.
    • I don't believe him. Look at his facial expression, the tone of his voice in that interview. Maybe I'm crazy but I feel  sorry for the Keith Ballard in that interview.  Anyone have a screen shot of when they showed him on the bench after the 3rd goal?
    • I do believe the teams confidence is fine like he says they *know* they are better then they played the past 2 games. 
      • Ballard hasn't had this chance.
    •  Kevin Bieksa says he thought Ballard played alright and will get better as the series goes on. If he is even in next game it better be a complete turn around. 
      • This goes for the whole team.
    • I hope this is all out of Luongo's head and he can put it behind him and play amazing the next 2 or 3 games. I called a second loss last night if Bruins scored first, but I guess thats sort of a give in. I also said it would be another 7-8 goal game if Luongo wasn't pulled after the 4th one. I'm glad he got out for his own sanity, however I never would of been one of the idiot fans CHEERING as he was pulled. 
      • I'm kind of surprised people still get mad at the Sedin "sister' or 'girl' comments. No matter what anyone says, what the Sedins do, somebody will ALWAYS do this. Just ignore it.
        • Saying that, it is a bit of a different circumstance when media says it versus just other fans.
      • Speaking of Media, Jason Botchford's tweets last night at about 1am my time were highly, highly amusing. I'm disapointed over half of them are gone this morning, but I completely understand why.
      • Am I worried? honestly, kind of. We need a huge Canucks win on Friday. I know they have the potential to do it, I know they can do it. They just can't play as a whole, not singling out anybody, like they have the last 2 games. 
      • I guess I didn't really add any insight, I'm pretty sure I've seen everything I've said 10 times over in the past 12 hours. Oh well. Go Canucks go. 
        •  I've listened to the song below on repeat while typing this out. It's so stupid its great and has helped me not have a little freak out. I may have even danced a little bit.

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        1. I just saw the 1-on-1 interview and he was definitely choked up near the end trying to complete the interview. He's probably going to be traded in the off-season. I'm not happy how he was managed this year. I've never seen the coaching staff, specifically AV completely destroyed a 1st round pick's confidence to the point he looks like an junior hockey player. Unfortunately for him, Tanev played well and I highly doubt Bally will see another SCF game.

          The media was brutal on him. I hope he gets traded to another team that actually develops him into a better player not shot his confidence at every chance. I'll still follow him if he's no longer a Canuck.