Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ballard News

Before yesterdays game I asked Derek Jory to mention something about Ballard so that we knew he was alive. DJ reported that Ballard bought a grey shirt on Thursday night, which Ballard says he already has 30 of. This only means one thing, the length of his pants are not the only problem he has with dressing himself. Don't be afraid of Colour, Keith.

In all seriousness it's pretty sad that was the biggest/only piece of news we have really heard about Ballard in the past few days. Todays news after seeing Rome hit and crumple into a ball last night? well, Farhan Lalji says that when he was asked if he has the confidence of his coach, Ballard responded with "I don't know". Thats sad, but in the good news department when AV was asked about him today he said ' He's got an opportunity probably tomorrow to step in'. I hope so, and I hope he has a huge game. Play Me That Ballard.

Lastly, lets all collectively awwwww at this picture k?

I hope tomorrow I am able to write something about how great of a game Ballard had, but really at this point it's hard to try to be positive about it. AV will probably find a reason to play someone else. 

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