Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ramble Ramble

Funny story. Yesterday I was at West Edmonton Mall with my daughter (while were at it, I'd much rather Metrotown) and we were watching people skate at the rink thats in the mall. One guy tried to stop and fell down, my 3 year old looks at me, back at him and says ' Mommy, That's Keith Ballard". I had to ask her to repeat herself twice because it was so funny. Kind of sad to, actually. 

Every once in awhile I look through the stats for my blog and there is a page that shows what search terms people type into google and find my blog by. Some of them are funny, some are creepy, some are serious questions. I'm going to  answer some, or try to.

Why Does AV hate Ballard?/why isn't Ballard playing?
nobody but AV knows this, you can google as much as you want  but you're not going to find an answer right now.

Is Keith Ballard ever going to play again?
sure he will, hopefully in Vancouver but if not there are many other teams that could use a defenceman like him. 

Is Ballard still injured?
Nobody knows for sure, speculation is out there for sure.

What does Keith Ballard spend his money on?
Hookers and blow, obviously. Ok not really. I'm pretty sure he spends his money on the same things we do, rent, food, bills, mortgage, dog know, normal life stuff.  

Keith Ballards dog?
's name is George?.....hes all man and a Twins fan. I have watched the Twins play twice this week and think it's time George picks a new team.

Where does Keith Ballard live?( see, creepy)
He lives in AV's dog house during the season in Vancouver, BC. In the off season he lives somewhere in Minnesota, I believe. Next season  I hope he lives in Vancouver, in his own house, not AV's dog house.

Does Keith Ballard have a girlfriend?
He is married and has a daughter who I believe turns 1 this month. Get lost bunnies, you're not welcome here.

Keith Ballard's Twitter/Facebook
He doesn't have a twitter account. He should, but he doesn't. If he does have a facebook it is private for family and friends.

Is Jeff Tambellini divorced?
I don't think he's even married, but I'm not sure. Not quite sure  how this question lead somebody to this blog.

No joke those are just some of the search terms people type into google and end up looking somewhere on my blog. There are more but we already know all about Ballard's pants, and ' why isn't Ballard playing' can be asked many different ways, up to 100-200 times a day :(.

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