Monday, May 23, 2011


Yesterdays game was the oddest thing I've ever watched in terms of penalties, thankfully the Canucks special teams were able to light it up. Know what else lit me up?..this:

That was a thing of beauty, one of the best I've seen I think. I want to marry it but I've been informed that Daniel over at PITB is already doing that. Best part of all it was on McGinn, but I guess if it weren't for him Ballard wouldn't even have been playing.

Everyone laughed at me on Saturday when I called the Ballard/Tanev pairing, saying they would never put Tanev in over Andrew Alberts. Im sorry, has everyone not been confused about Rome in over Ballard? it's the common sense in the none common sense world of Alain Vigneault decisions.  Ballard and Tanev played great together during the season, so why not? They both looked good considering it was Tanev's first playoff game and Ballard's first since game 2 in the Nashville series.  Imagine what Tanev's going to be like in a couple years with some experience under his belt and some meat on his bones? I'm excited!

I hate to wish injury upon a person, but I do kind of hope Ehrhoff and Rome are out for a few more games, Ballard will hopefully  get better with more games played and I want to see what he can do.

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