Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blackhawks Down, Tennessee-ya

(wish I could take credit for that title, thank you Ron MacLean)

I'm not sure which, outside of the actual game, I enjoyed more... This:

or this:

or this:

First off, What a game, so happy they got it done in 6 and now some rest time and hopefully the Wings push a game 7. I have to admit though, I wasn't as excited as I was when they beat the Blackhawks. I'm more relieved that this second round is over and of course I'm happy but I was absolutely almost pee my pants ecstatic when they beat the Blackhawks.

Anyway, I did this at the end of the 1st round so I'll do it again:

Dear Keith Ballard,
I don't even have words, miss watching you play. Now they only glimpse we get of you is when you look like an excited little kid peeking his head around the corner to see who the next player coming into the room is in the post game celebrations (seen above). PITB is trying to get Bieksa on twitter, beat him to it!..Do it!..now!.

Dear Kevin Bieksa,
You have totally stole the funny award away from Ballard. That's right, I'll admit it. Although 4 is always 1 and 3 is 2 (it's not a math problem). I think I called you a sexy bastard after that interview with Scott Oake last night, I also called Burrows a french bastard last series so don't take offence. I really need to find a word to replace bastard, a nice word. I'd love to buy you some shots, shots, shots, shots, shots one day. You need to get on twitter, PITB says so.

Dear Pekka Rinne,
Holy hell dude, I thought Crawford amazed me last round, you totally blew my mind. I never want to see the Canucks face you again, ever.

Dear Nashville Predator fans,
You guys are class acts, I enjoyed interacting with you guys quite a bit during this series. Wish I could say the same about other fan bases, I know there are assholes in every fan base but a few are worse then others. Be proud, your team brought the #1 team in the NHL to a game 6 and made many of their fans nervous. 

That's all I have for today, Can't wait for Sunday!

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  1. If they put Manny on Dancing With the Stars, I'd actually watch it. Oh how I miss him. Glad he's able to at least be with the team.