Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Keith

Dear Keith,

Where have you been all my life?!?!?!. Ok, thats a bit of a stretch but where has the player that is playing in your jersey been most of the season and through 4 games of first series?. Wow, game 7 of the first round and last nights game were great, even though I was half asleep through most of the game last night ( I partly blame being sick for that). Keep it up! If you are scratched again after last night's performance I may steal a plane, fly to Vancouver and poke Alain Vigneault in the eyeballs. Best part is I know you can do even better, I'm just amazed by the step up the past 2 games. Maybe having more then 11 minutes of ice time may help, eventually maybe?

The first highlight in that clip, lead to this comment from me.

I may need to change my Ballard

As you can tell from the rest of my blog, my comments aren't always the most mature things ever said and they don't always make sense but I got a bit excited over that last night.

The next bit of awesomeness that lead to the new phrase and hashtag "Ballard is my Homeboy" (thank you, other Christine for that one) was this

That was a thing of beauty, and I have no idea why it was a penalty. What was a penalty, was the tripping penalty you took after slipping in the same game you were called for clipping.. What?..ya.. I'm lost to. Anyway, this leads to the next thing we need to talk about. Your over dramatic hands up in the air 'I didn't do it' exaggerations. The tripping penalty was obvious and you knew it even when throwing your hands up in the air. You do this a lot, even on non penalty call plays and you just draw attention to yourself. "Hey look at me!. I think I did something wrong but I'm going to throw my hands in the air in hopes the ref thinks I didn't do it"...when they didn't think you did, or didn't full see it. You are one of the most dramatic players I have seen when it comes to that.

Anyway, Keith, Just rememeber that the more successful you become, the more hungry you need to be. (I think)
You don't look very hungry in that picture, thankfully it's old.




  1. I love Ballard. Love the hip check. Totally legal. Thing of beauty. But wasn't he throwing his hands up because he was saying it shouldn't have been a penalty? Hughson thought so...

  2. looked like a clear trip to me, but what do I know... I also wasn't listening to the game with sound as I was in a room with people watching another show on tv. Either way though he over sells the hands up in the air "I didn't do it' thing all the time.