Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Hate Sweeping

It's true, I used to clean house's for a living, sweeping is pointless. Get a vacuum with a proper floor piece then get your lazy butt on your hands and knees and scrub that floor by hand, it's the only way your hard flooring will truly be clean. If I can do it with bum knees and being 9 months pregnant, you can do it.

I also didn't think the Canucks would sweep the Blackhawks. Ask anybody I talk to on a daily basis I have said all along that the Canucks will take it in 5 games. Even after seeing the way the Canucks were playing after the first 3 games I still said they wouldn't sweep. All day I had to bite my tongue as people on facebook and twitter were talking about Sweeping, showing pictures of brooms and all that crap. I had, however, said that the Canucks would lose game 3, not game 4 but I knew they wouldn't win both games in Chicago. Ask @ericjjohnson79 we've had a few discussions on this subject, I have to keep the hockey part of his brain alive since he's an Oilers fan...and well...we all know how they are (shh the last 2 games the Canucks played against them in the regular season really didn't happen, we were all having nightmares).

Anyway, about half way through the second last night I hoped on facebook and changed my status to
" Dear all you people and your sweep and broom time kindly shut the F*ck up"
 First off there is no denying it, I have the mouth of a trucker and if you don't like it..well...I'm sure you know what I'd tell you. I think sometimes it makes what I say seem a bit more serious then I intend..anyway,  I got quite a few responses mostly people agreeing and 'liking' of the status. This morning I woke up to a comment on it from one of my childhood friend's dad, it said:

"I was one who said that and it was my Opinion at the time, sometimes we are all wrong. At least i had the balls to say it! I hate all this hoccus pocuss bullshit that if you say something you jinx them WTF! Shut the f*ck up, I think not!"

It wasn't at all I thought people were jinxing it, I don't believe in that crap, I'm not superstitious. I was being realistic and knew the Canucks would not sweep the Blackhawks. Simple as that, I knew that even though the first 3 games may have suggested it the Blackhawks were not going to lose both games at home. Call me crazy, hate me, do what you want. It was my opinion, and it turned out to be right. I even had one person tell me this morning I'm not a true fan, because I didn't believe they were going to win it in 4?. Give your head a shake, obviously it would of been nice, and in a way I wished they had but what can you do.

In saying all that though, I did  not expect such a shit poor performance from the Canucks last night. I expected there to be some sort of fight to them, I expected a much closer game then 7-2. I do think everyone over reacting about this game needs calm down. It's one game, yes one bad game but they will bounce back. We've seen it a couple times through the season, not many times because they had such a good season and I think thats part of the problem with the fan base.  I guess if I take one thing away from this game it's how much I enjoy watching some boom boom from  Mr. Bieksa.

On a superstitious sort of front, I hate playoff beards because well... I hate facial hair in general, it makes me cringe. I do enjoy seeing the fans and even players competing and raising money for charity and how funny some of the players look as the playoffs roll along and the hair gets crazy. So I guess it's all good in the

 If you have managed to stay with me through all this rambling, I'm going to leave you with a quote I saw today.
"It's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and get back up"
This can be taken many different ways, but I am absolutely in love with this quote and I usually don't bother with that crap. I had a crappy night last night not even including the game so I'm taking it one way. I also have been in my share of fights, so I can take it literally. How do you take that? One response on twitter I received was
"So we better hope the boys get back up really hard and hit the living daylights out of the #Hawks? =)" @jadedkrystal 

Enjoy your day everyone.


  1. Yes but we can all have our own opinions and I had mine you had yours, is Hockey not all in fun anyways? Chill!!!

  2. chill? I wasn't angry...not even worked up...

  3. I agree with you on so many things! I knew there was NO WAY the Canucks would sweep the Blackhawks, nor anybody for that matter. I don't believe any of that talk jinxed them either, I was just being realistic (like you said). I also believe that some people get their boxers in a bunch a little too easily.

    As an aside, that picture of KB4 is my new favorite. LOL