Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Observations Surrounding Game 1

That game was great, I expected a Canucks win in game 1 but the first period, at least, was better then I was thinking. Although, Canucks fans need to thank the hockey god's for the posts behind Luongo on more then a few occasions. I was hoping they would interview Ballard during the live post game interviews on, but no luck. Hoping there is something in the papers today, I want to know what he thought about his first playoff game. However, according to Jim Hughson Ballard was barely on the ice as apparently Dan Hamhuis wore both number 2 and number 4 last night. I couldn't believe the amount of people leaving the game early, I know traffic gets bad, the skytrain gets packed but it's a playoff game! I don't care if the team is up 2-0, stay until the end and cheer them on.

I am so glad I finally caved and signed up for twitter last summer. I've met some awesome people and being able to connect with other Canucks fans has been awesome since I live in a house of Flames fans, that don't even really watch hockey. It was great last night, within like 5 seconds of a goal or big hit I'd look at my twitter tab and see like 40 new tweets. It was fun to read through and see I wasn't alone with some of my thoughts. I also won my Ballard jersey thanks to twitter, although it's not here yet. Was really hoping it would be here in time for game 1 but hopefully it gets here today or tomorrow. I really want to go to one of the outdoor rinks before it warms up to much and get some pictures done.

One thing that really melted my butter last night were some of the Oilers fans, they feel the need to bitch and whine and claim #1 about EVERYTHING. (Yes, I know there are many great Oiler's fans out there, as there are many bad Canucks fans) I don't know how often I have to sit here and listen to ' Oh we did this before Calgary', ' we were first at this'. Last night, some felt the need to call Canucks fans singing the national anthem pathetic and crappy. Apparently they started the whole arena singing the anthem thing first. Who the hell cares if you did? Why do you need to call it pathetic and crappy? I'm sorry but I don't care who's fans are singing it, who did it first. Point is you have 19,000+ people singing OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM in unison. I don't give a crap if it's Oilers fans, Flames fans hell even if it was Leafs fans I'd stilll appreciate the fact that there are that big of a group of people singing our countries song. Show some pride for your country in general, Edmonton is not the center of the universe.

On a national anthem note, I love Mark Donnelly probably more then he loves cake. I'm also pretty sure Richard Loney is brought back from the dead each time he comes to sing.

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