Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Can't Keep My Mouth Shut

I said I wasn't going to talk to anyone, was going to avoid all Canucks talk and not watch morning skate or interviews. That did not happen, apparently I enjoy conversating(yes, I made that word up) to much. This playoff series is not helping my waist line. I was a size 6, was down to a size 4 and I'm pretty sure by the end of the game tonight I'll be up to a 6 again. When I have been eating it's been nothing but crap food, had McDonald's for the first time in over 3 months on the weekend.....This is what playoff hockey does to me!!! I either don't eat or I eat complete crap. I've managed to keep down breakfast but I don't think there is much hope for lunch and dinner, I am so incredibly nervous. They have the team to do it, lets hope that team shows up tonight.

Best news of the day so far, Keith Ballard IS playing tonight!!!!. Although, his Ryan Kesler like attitude during interviews after practise kind of scared me. They edited out a bit of it before posting it on Canucks.com...but if you've watched interviews with him through the season you know it's off from them.

I understand he's probably unhappy with being a healthy scratch in the playoffs and unhappy with the outcome of the last 3 games but wow I was kind of at a loss for words when I was watching this morning. Nerves maybe? I hope it's things like that and there isn't more going on then we are seeing and hearing , like some people are suggesting.

Anyway, I'm off to go put on my Ballard t-shirt and go for a walk since it's beautiful here today. Talk to everyone after the game. Please, please, please fans in Vancouver.... be respectful, win or lose don't be idiots on the streets of Downtown Vancouver tonight.

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