Friday, April 15, 2011

New Jersey

If you follow me on twitter, or have me on facebook or talk to me on blackberry messenger, you know how stupidly excited I was to receive my new jersey I won. Yesterday we had a snow storm but I trekked  out with both my kids because the jersey had been delivered to my mail box down the street.  As soon as I took it out of the bag I thought it looked off but couldn't put my finger on it. When I laid if flat out I noticed that the 4 seemed off centre, but 4 is a hard number to base things off of because of it's shape. I put it on and it just looks bad to me.

I've shown the picture to many people and only 1 person out of 30+ has said they would probably let it slide. The letters have almost double the space between them then the Burrows jersey I got last year. The 4 does look off no matter how much credit I try to give to the fact that it's hard because of it's shape for it to look proper. However, I think the spacing between the letters is bugging me more now. Am I over reacting and letting my OCD get the best of me? I thought I was but the more people I hear say yes it is off is making me believe my own thoughts more. Already have it packed up and ready to take to the post office to return hopefully this weekend if the snow clears away enough.

So...I'm back to having no Ballard jersey and a $160 electronic GC to the company that I have no use for. The Canucks better win today, I'm having a bad day. If I had a playoff towel I'd probably go cry into it for a few minutes because it's just the way things always seem to go for me.

I'd love to get back to regular scheduled programming but Ballard hasn't done anything I can make fun of him for lately.  I may need to write something serious about him soon......... I did however bug Dan Murphy and Jeff Paterson about their attire on the Playoff Show today, they were good sports. They may have to be careful though if Ballard doesn't do something for me to write about ;)

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