Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Can Breathe Again

 I've watched this like 10 times now and still get butterflies and teary eyed each time.

What. A. Game. wow.  I have so many random thoughts I'm just going to go let it all flow the best way I know how.

Dear everyone,
I'm sorry for being such a downer in my past few posts, but I honestly could not let go of games 4 and 5. To all my twitter, facebook, SF, BBM peeps, thank you for some what keeping me sane. I said yesterday morning that I wasn't going to be on facebook until after the game, all the messages, texts, bbm's and such with people saying they wanted to hear my thoughts to keep them sane made me smile. However, my thoughts last night would not have kept anyone sane. I don't think my mom even messaged me, until after the game to ask if I was still alive. Ask @chellebelle87 or @ericjjohnson79 who had the (dis)pleasure of talking to me throughout the game, at one point last night one of them  told me I have a problem, and I couldn't even take offense to it. ......or take my facebook status update when Burrows scored as an example.  

"BURROWS YOU CRAZY FRENCH BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
For those who don't know me personally and don't have me on facebook, don't worry about the 'french bastard' part. If you knew my last name, you'd call me a french bastard to.  I am very happy to have all of you to talk to and cheer with moving on to round 2 and beyond.

Dear Keith Ballard,
How does it feel? I know you were 'pissed off' with the losses and being scratched. What a game last night! I LOVE your hip check, there's nothing quite like it...ok I lied...maybe an Alex Burrows goal in OT to advance to the 2nd round is a fair bit better but your hip checks are still a thing of beauty. Keep it up, I really hope I see you in every game for the rest of the playoffs, playing like you did last night or even better. I am still disapointed the jersey I won looked like crap and I had to return it. I'm going to start saving my pennies to buy one now.

Dear Roberto Luongo,
I can't lie, I criticized you and picked apart your every move over the past 7 games, but you were great. It must feel awesome to finally beat the Blackhawks. Loved your comment about it almost being better then when you helped Team Canada win gold in the 2010 Olympics, that is a lot of emotion to show through considering it's only the first round. Feel a little lighter this morning? that monkey is long gone, eh?

Dear Alex Burrows,
I hurt myself on your first goal last night. I jumped up and then realized my laptop was about to fly across the room and bent in a weird way to grab it. I can't turn my head to the left but at least, unlike last night, I can now stand up straight without crazy back pain. Not going to lie,when you took that penalty in OT I was ready to poke you in the eye but you redeemed yourself. I wanted to sleep in my Burrows jersey last night, but was pretty sure my boyfriend wouldn't be to impressed waking up to find me beside him curled up in it.

Dear Corey Crawford,
I had a love/hate relationship with watching you play, you stood on your head and I have no idea how stopped some of the Canucks shots. I was in awe watching you at some moments, and I detest everything about The Blackhawks so that is a huge compliment. You have a very promising future ahead of you, good luck (just hopefully not to much luck against the Canucks in the future, sorry)

Dear Theo Fleury,
When you made the comments the Canucks would be out in the first round, I laughed and moved on not thinking much of it. When *a few* rotten Canucks fans tried to personally attack you for it, I was disgusted. I have huge huge respect for you and admire your courage, but I have to say that I have lost some respect for you. I am in no way saying that what that fans have said to you is right, it is very wrong but you seem to be dragging it out. Is it really necessary to re-tweet everything said? and to lump all Canucks fans together as one? You seem to be finding joy in lumping all Canucks fans together with the assholes, I don't get it.  It is almost like you're doing it for personal gain, because the media has jumped on it and it's getting your name all over the place. Once again, I have read your book twice, have huge respect and admire you but lately I'm just kind of shaking my head.

Dear Dan Tencer,
What do you have to say now?

and Finally best of all....

Dear Luc,
Thank you.

Bring on round 2...and some more of this:

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