Wednesday, April 6, 2011

King Of The Rink posted this yesterday:

First thing I notice is that Kevin Bieksa is obviously jealous of Keith Ballard. Second, Chris Tanev  thinks he's great, "funnest guy" and only one to answer "superhero", besides Ballard.

On to Ballard's answers. He thinks he should win an award for singing? I'm having a hard time with this one, either he has a hidden talent or he's being his usual sarcastic self. Although I have heard he likes country music, so I'm kind of scared. His favourite board game is scrabble? Well then Keith, I hereby challenge you to........nevermind that's been done already, moving on. Of course he'd go for a superhero for himself, he's special like that- all man, just like his tiny dog George. Cell phone is a solid choice for something to not leave the house without, no problems there, I'd be lost without mine. I shouldn't be alive is also an alright show, so I'll give him that one as well.

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