Monday, April 25, 2011

There Is No Sunshine and I Don't Have A Lollipop

It looks like its going to rain outside, no sun,  which reminds me of home so that's alright. I don't have a lollipop, I have way to much easter chocolate, but I'm on a diet so really it doesn't do me any good. I just can't think sunshine and lollipops, I'm having a hard time being as upbeat and optimistic as some fans.

I wish I could be like some of the fans out there and be sure of a game 7 win because it's on home ice. It's amazing how games 4 and 5 seem to be erased from some peoples minds after the great performance of last night, even though it ended in a loss. I wish I could I truly let myself believe this team is going to do it, 6 games ago I could say that but I just can't get by games 4 and 5. I'm not a bandwagon fan, I still love my team, they will always be my team but I can't wrap my head around being so sure they will do it when I just don't know anymore.

Obviously I really really hope they can do it, there is nothing else I want  more at this moment then to knock the Blackhawks out and for the Canucks to move on to round 2.  They do deserve it after the amazing season they had which gave us all this hope. People are avoiding talking about what happens if they get knocked out and Theo fleury's predication comes out true but it's all I'm thinking about. I believe in this team, I know they can do it as long as they show up.  If they do lose tomorrow I hope I can at least say they put up a good fight, they better play their hearts out.

I may pull a Luongo tomorrow and just avoid Facebook and Twitter for the day -not talk to anyone and avoid all articles in the paper and wait until after the game. May be the first time this year I don't watch the morning skate and player interviews as well. If I'm so nervous I cant even think about eating dinner right now I'm going to be a complete mess tomorrow. Not that I'm trying to hide from the Canucks haters and everyone who is just dying to be able to say ' I told you so' but maybe just my attempt to keep my mind on something other then Canucks hockey for a little bit.

Finally,Fellow Canucks fans, let Dan Tencer have his moment, let him bitch and whine all he wants. The ' Canucks fans' that he's calling out, I've met more then my share of Oiler's fans who are exactly the same way. Let him have his moment, to most he sounds like an idiot.  How he can somehow take a rant about the Canucks as a team and bring in safe injection sites in Vancouver is beyond me and just shows the kind of person he is. For the record, I disliked the guy before he even said anything about the Canucks.


  1. Christine you need to go to the Canuck site and listen about the refing it was shit.YOUR TEAM would have and should have won last nights game! I am leaning a bit towards your late Aunt's belief,

  2. If there's one thing I've learned this year through this team, is you can't dwell on things that you can't fix. Although I guess I am dwelling on games 4 and 5 haha.

    Auntie Mavis's words have been running through my mind all series.