Friday, April 22, 2011

I Don't Even Know...

I woke up this morning feeling hungover and I haven't even touched a drop of alcohol since the game I went to on April 5th. I feel like I'm at a loss for words but really I have so much to say I just have no idea how to properly get it out. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I love hockey and it is a major part of my life. The Canucks will always be my team win or lose, I don't care I'm not going to go chase around different teams who are playing better. Maybe I let hockey run my life to much? A little known fact is I have a son who was conceived the week Luc Bourdon died, care to take a guess what my son's middle name is? The Canucks are a major factor in my life, I love everything about this team, except for their performance the past 2 games.

It's not the fact they lost that has me feeling the need to go find a punching bag and put my fist through it, it's the way they lost. 7-2 and 5-0, does that sound like the Canucks we have known all season? perhaps the one game but never in a million years would I have expected the performance I saw last night. It looked like they had no pride, maybe they are taking this whole ' put the last one behind us' shit to easily, because that 7-2 game should of been remembered and used as fuel to play a hell of a lot better then they did last night.

I knew they weren't going to do this in 4 straight, or 16 straight to the cup and people were commenting last night that you'd think the Canucks had just been knocked out. It's pretty clear that if they keep playing the way they have these past 2 games they will be, and I will be furious and sad but at the same time absolutely disappointed in this group of guys. If they had lost 3-2, or something a little closer showing that they actually tried I would be able to accept the losses. They are better then this and everyone knows this is the best Canucks team they've seen yet, they need to start showing it again.

I mentioned Luc Bourdon earlier, last night after the game I couldn't concentrate on anything so I just went to bed and turned my ipod on. The 2nd song that came on was "big leagues" by Tom Cochrane, I put it on repeat and think I must of listened to it at least 5 times.  I'd only met him once, but I still get sad every time I think about him. It makes me sad that someone with such a bright future is gone way to early. I'm not even sure what this has to do with anything but it was just a really weird moment last night.

Anyway, Let's hope the Canucks can do it for Manny and do it for Luc and just do it in general, this was way to great of a regular season to even have the thought of not making it past the first round. They still have two more chances to get back on track, lets hope they do it with the first one.

On another note I tweeted last night " At Least AV can't hold this against Ballard", it made a few people laugh.  Quite a few people seemed genuinely shocked last night when Ballard was a scratch, I was not. I'm pretty sure I'm one of his biggest fans and while maybe I don't completely understand it, I saw it coming from a mile away. I told quite a few people this and most of them thought I was crazy, but obviously I wasn't. Yes he hasn't played up to his potential, but he also hasn't really been given the opportunity to, he needs the minute to get himself going. The inconsistent ice times and then being a healthy scratch are going to make it really hard for him to show management what he has to offer during these playoffs. I think they've already given up, and that really burns my cheese. It's sad when my blog is being found by search terms like " Why does Alain Vigneault  hate Keith Ballard" and " What did Keith Ballard do to AV".

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