Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear Keith, Congratulations.

Dear Keith,

I'd like to congratulate you on your  son, I'm a little late I know, but I'd also like to give you some advice if I can. I know many people didn't know that besides that adorable little girl of yours you also have a son,  but I know all, really I do(n't). Since some people didn't know this, I thought I'd share a picture I came across.

He's adorable, good job on the adoption. Since you didn't send out announcements I'll give everybody the details.
Name: Chris Tanev
Born: December 20th 1989
Weight: 183lbs
Height: 6 ft 2in

You guys look absolutely adorable together, great combo. I know all good parents will tell their children that they should wait to 'score' until they're married. I ask you to give your big Chris the opposite advice, tell him he can score as much as he wants, please, he needs that first time. I honestly can not wait for his first goal, purely to see your reaction, how quickly you'll scoop up that puck and have it gold plated and hung on your wall. I wish I had been able to hear the segment on you two between periods a few games ago, however the place where I watch games puts music on during intermission so I couldn't hear it. Also, please, please, please start feeding this kid, he's 3 inches taller then you and over 20 lbs lighter, he needs some meat on his bones.

Once again, Congratulations.

Onto the next order of business. I've kind of looked like this the past 2 games:
Your play has been steadily improving the pasts couple games, even if your ice time is still up and down. An assist last game? that deserves a high five. You now have 6 points on the season, only 15 away from your previous lowest point season, you've got 10 games to fix this, jump on it. Apparently people think I know everything about you, and why your playing time is the way it is. I've been trying to blame it on your reported sore groin and banged up knee, but no matter how I try to explain it, people seem to take it the wrong way. Specially since there are people thanking ME for your improvement in play the last few games but I guess really, I can  pretend it's because you found out about my blog. I am  tired of constant messages asking me why Aaron Rome gets more ice time then you when you are clearly the better defenceman. I mean, really, obviously  I think you are, this isn't ' Rome sweet Rome'. People seem to think that I have Alain Vigneault on speed dial and can just parle some francais with him and find out all these answers (yes, I know, according to my last name it would appear as though I can speak and write in french, but I can't).

One last thing, Pass It To Bulis pointed out that you have been pranking your wardrobe all year, after they saw my blog.  So I guess this explains the lack of stories since the Bieksa failure, but please I need you to  do at least one thing. While the kesler bombings (or keslurkings as some people insist on calling them) are hilarious, somebody really needs to put him in his place. I saw that Luongo tried but, in my opinion, it wasn't that good. This is YOUR TIME, step it up, make it huge, wipe that damn cocky smile off Kesler's face. Nobody will remember anything about your pants then.


p.s. Score a damn goal already.

On a totally unrelated note, because I like to do that. I am a huge military history geek, when I'm reading or watching TV it's always hockey or military history related. You'd also probably be surprised how much hockey and different things in Canada's military history have effected each over the years, maybe I'll get into that some day. Some of my favourite geeky times  have been wandering around Canadian Forces Bases checking everything out. Anyway,  I'm not going to get completely into it right now but I ask you all to remember a simple phrase for me, 'Don't love the war, love the soldier'. You don't have to agree with or understand the war, or the politics behind things happening throughout the world, soldiers don't always either but it is their job to protect and defend, and  THEY need the support. Remember when you see that fighter jet with CANADA stamped on its side, flying through the air, someone's dad, son, husband, brother, cousin, friend....someone who matters to people somewhere... is flying it.


  1. He makes such a great dad to Tanev. He is so helpful and lord knows he has spent most of the season babysitting the rest D that it must be second nature for him to be dad.

    PS just found your blog and I love it.