Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why aren't they playing me that Ballard?

Time for a little chat.

 I was looking through my stats for this site and found something interesting yesterday. It had been found during 2 separate google searches using " Why isn't Vancouver playing Ballard more?" and " Why does Ballard get so little ice time?". Aaron Rome has had up to 6-7 minutes more TOI, and some people don't get it.  So, a few observations I guess.

  • It's been a long running 'joke' that Alain Vigneault  has some sort of man crush on Aaron Rome, which is why even though people see Ballard as the better player, Rome is getting the ice time.
  • Running with that, it is said that Rome is allergic to wood, therefore unable to sit on the bench for long periods of time.
  • It is also said that Rome has compromising pictures of Vigneault.
  • It's also been said that Rome has been calling Vigneault dad for months.
Now lets get serious
  • He  suffered a concussion  early in the season and was side lined. Upon returning from that concussion he was scratched 4 games later, he later admitted that he wasn't feeling 100%,  after the lack of exercise and such while being out with the concussion. (by the way, random fact,  he claims it's impossible to give 110%)
  • Ballard sprained his knee in early February, he came back sooner then expected and everyone thought this was  a good thing. He had said somewhere(wish I could find the interview) that during this time he didn't have a single day off, from the night he hurt his knee to the time he played his first game back, he was getting treatment on his knee and working every single day. He also said that even though his knee is 'healed' he still felt pain, and could possibly for the remainder of the season. Could it possibly come out his knee is bugging him more then we thought? like he wasn't feeling great coming back from the concussion dealio ?
  • It came out tonight that he has also been playing with a groin injury, the exact amount of games I do not know.
  • He tweaked his knee again in tonights game, and claims to be fine. We shall see.

So, this doesn't explain it all, but may have some insight into it. After chatting with people today I wouldn't be opposed to sitting him again for a few days, because before the game I had mentioned his knee was probably still bugging him. Now that the groin injury has come to light and issue with his knee tonight, it probably wouldn't hurt to sit him a game or 2...but that wont happen.

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