Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Pictures and a Dear keith

 Dear Keith,

What was with the helmet pre game? it really threw me off my game of, uh, watching pre game warm up. Were you tired of seeing your hair stand up night after night even after you got your hair cut?. You threw a great hit in the game, nice to see. That's about the only nice thing I have to say though. Now lets just work on getting some pucks TO the net, and hope that one day AV appreciates you a little bit more then Aaron Rome. Good post game interview. I was so annoyed with the game, I was ready to throw my laptop out the window. Good luck on the road.

Score a god damn goal already,

Anyway, onto more pressing matters before my head explodes from thinking about that 'game' last night..

Hockey has given me some pretty cool stories in life even though I've never really played the game beyond our school parking lot. My only sort of claim to fame may be that I played floor hockey in school with Karl Alzner and Kenndal Mcardle. Thats as far as my actual  hockey playing stories go. Quick Random story, Karl and I once got in trouble in drama. We were doing improv work and naturally ours was about a hockey game, the teacher made us stop half way through because we weren't being creative enough and had to choose something other then hockey.

I have, however, been a member of many different hockey forums on the internet for a number of years. The first few years I'd love to forget, but the past 6-7 years or so have been pretty cool. I was going through my photobucket account and found some old pictures, I wish I had the rest from these times but I've had laptops die, and laptops stolen and I'm only left with a few. I've met some pretty cool people through them, made some real friendships and the major main one I was involved in even got me baby presents when my daughter was born, all Canucks stuff for her of course. (The jersey was passed down to my son, and is now in a keep sake box and it makes me extremely sad to look and see just how big they are both getting)  They played in tournaments, where I was just the underage drunk girl watching. Hey, someone's got to do the dirty work and yell at the refs and score keepers.
can you spot me? yeah, not going to point myself out :/

Here?I think I'm pretty easy to spot.
When the draft was held in Vancouver I had the opportunity to go with them, this was the last time I was in GM PLACE  before I made the decision to move to the frozen land. Being comfortably drunk before 4pm and booing Gary Bettman? HELL YEAH!.I got my picture taken with my favourite draftee at the time, James Sheppard, however I have a major double chin so that picture is staying in hiding (photoshop anyone?).

god I look young, that was 5 years ago.

I'm so short, the cop and guy 'guarding' the cup were laughing at the size of the Cup compared to me. Your so short Stanley Cup jokes, anyone?
don't  hate me Ted, I love this picture of Cody and I.

I've met many people through various other ways that have somehow related back to hockey. Everything in my life usually does, but those are the people that definitely stand out to me.

When I still lived at home and the fire department was called to my house and I wasn't home, The firefighters commented to my parents how much they loved their son's room as they were leaving. I am 1 of 2 girls in the family.
I came runner up in the ultimate Canucks fan contest on with this bedroom, I wish I still had the other better pictures, but you get the idea.
my grade 12 art project and the only A I think I ever received in my entire 5 years of High school.

Anyway, There is no real point I'm trying to make today, just thought I'd share some of my hockey pictures I recently found.

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