Monday, March 7, 2011

Team Colours

I put a link to my last post on my facebook and my dad commented saying this
Hey Christine, how about talking about how pissed your dad gets when looking at the crowd at Rogers Arena, and seeing a mess of colour in the stands. As a shut in, not being able to go to games, I always watch them on TV. This cities crowd does not know how to cheer for our team. people wearing grey, yellow, black,green,orange, shirts or jackets. Come on people, it's a home game. Wear something BLUE. I'm not saying the ladies don't look good in their pink Canucks shirts, I would just like to see the fans support our great team. come on SHOW OUR COLOURS. If you can't afford a jersey, find a blue shirt or t shirt. Other fans fill there arenas with the home colours . lets show the team and the world that we support our #1 team. Dean.

Sorry dad, You're probably not going to like my answer. You make a good point, but I have a few of my own.  I'm not saying I don't agree that it would be nice to see an Arena filled with blue, as we see in Calgary with all their red.

First off, I  HATE pink hockey stuff. HATE. I have a very hard time coming to terms with womans 'fitted' jerseys, but I have. I refuse to come to terms with the fact that their needs to be pink stuff made for girls to wear it. I do like the regular coloured t-shirts, tank tops, hell I even like the underwear, but something about the idea of changing the colours to be more girly just rubs me the wrong way. Pink and those stupid looking bedazzled type jerseys are stupid, support your team, where their actual jersey, don't change things up to look more 'girly. This may also be a result of the fact I'm just a 'Hockey loving tom boy' and hate the colour pink in general. Those pictures you can find from time to time with girls wearing nothing but a jersey and standing with a hockey stick and such, I find the girls wearing the baggy regular jerseys to be 'sexier' then if they are wearing some tight fitting or pink crap. Not that I'm attracted to girls at all, and not that there's anything wrong with a girl being attracted to a girl, but.........I'm going way off track here.

Second, this team has had so many different colours as their jerseys in the past 40 years. Black, orange, red, yellow, blue, I forgetting anything?a few shades of each. If you had the chance to buy a jersey over the years, but don't now and still want to wear a Canucks jersey to the game, it's going to be the wrong colours.  If you take a look at the merchandise available with Canucks logos on it, you end up with the green, blue, white and pink quite often, but their is also all the stuff with the old logos. Especially right now with the Canucks celebrating their last 40 years, they have come back with the different vintage styles, obviously the flying skate logo isn't going to look right on a blue or green t-shirt. People like that logo, and will spend the money on a 40th anniversary t-shirt to have it, instead of a white whale on a blue t-shirt. Also, the people who still want to support a player but can't afford a jersey are going to go with the player t-shirts, these are a very dark blue compared to the bright blue that is in the uniforms. The Flames have had the same colours for their 30 years of existence in Calgary. This makes it easy for the "sea of red", whether you bought your jersey, jackets or other shirts 10, 15,20 years ago, or yesterday it's still going to look the same in the crowd.

Third, Canucks ticket prices have skyrocketed, I remember going to games and they had specials for 4 tickets, plus white spot and parking for just over $100. Now, Canucks fans laugh at other teams with pricing like that, wishing this was still possible in Vancouver. The teams success has made going to games the cool thing to do, the thing the hip people do. This has lead to people who don't even care much about the game, or supporting the team in other ways, go to the games to be able to say "Hey, I went to the Canucks game last night!".  All the suits that used to win tickets through work and used to give them away like candy, are now going to the games, usually straight after work, still in their suits. Most t-shirt prices and everything are even up, if you want a nice t-shirt your usually looking at about $40, and with the world the way it is right now, a lot of people are just going to choose to wear their older stuff. It still says Vancouver Canucks and still has *a* Canucks logo, so its still cheering for their team.

I guess until we see this team use the same colours for a longer period of time their is always going to be a lot of variation in the crowd. Watching pre game warm ups online, and now finally finding a Sportsnet Pacific feed, I see lots more crowd shots, there is a lot of people in Canucks stuff, a lot older, but still cheering their team wearing it. People would also rather wear an older shirt, with a logo or name then just a plain blue shirt. That combined with the suits, and the "Cool people", are all going to add together to make a giant rainbow of colours. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see Rogers Arena a "Sea Of Blue", but I just don't see it happening any time soon.

Did I just get through an entire post without mentioning Keith Ballard once? Hot damn, I deserve a cookie. I also deserve a cookie because its my birthday.

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