Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Game Day Routine

That's right.
I have a game day routine for home games.

I woke up one day last week and thought about my day ahead, realized it was the last game of a 6 game home stand  for the Canucks , which meant one more game day skate streamed on Canucks.com. I suddenly had a list of things run through my head that I needed to get done, my game day routine I guess, as sad as that may be.

My typical day when the Canucks are playing at home. (keeping in mind I live in Edmonton so I'm an hour ahead of  people in Vancouver)

6:00am- Wake up with my son, give him his breakfast
8:00am - My daughter wakes up, give her her breakfast
10:00am- We all eat some sort of snack
11:00am- I start preparing activities for them like arts and crafts, that will keep them sitting at the table usually
11:30am- set up computer to watch morning skate and player interviews, sometimes I have my laptop on the kitchen counter and I prepare lunch. I realized yesterday that sometimes it's not necessarily watching what's going on, I love the sounds. The sounds of the skates on ice, the sounds of the puck hitting the boards, the sounds of the puck hitting the post. It almost feels weird on days when I don't get it.
Skip ahead
6:00pm - Have dinner prepared to feed the kids, myself, my boyfriend and his parents
7:00pm- Get both kids beds ready and snacks prepared
7:30pm- Set up laptop for pre game warm up
7:50pm- Watch pre game Sportsnet blabber
8:00pm- Put kids to bed
8:30pm- Sit down to watch the last half of the first period and remain there until about 10:50pm-11:00pm when player interviews and everything are all done

So there you have it. On weekends and earlier games it completely screws my schedule up. I don't usually get to watch game day skates on weekends. I also hate early starts that make the game end right around the kids bed time. Id rather miss the beginning of the game then the end.

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