Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Kevin and Keith

Dear Kevin,

You've had some good chances this past weekend to do some pretty entertaining things, and you didn't do them. I was watching After Hours on Saturday night with Ryan Kesler and had an idea. You should of had some  KB3 stuff made up and walked back and forth behind Kesler, Weekes and Oake as much as possible. It would of been great. Then on Sunday at the skills competition you should of snuck out and pied Keith Ballard in the face, for the failed prank he tried on you. Then again I know your really busy at home with  your 2 little ones, and the broken foot and all. I expect better in the future.

I hope we have an understanding,

Dear Keith,

I am glad to see you listened and got your hair cut, although it was probably just due to the Skills competition and not wearing a helmet. Your daughter is A-freakin-dorable, not as cute as mine, but I'm a bit biased on that of course. Were you supposed to be in charge of pieing Chris Tanev and Cody Hodgson? you seem like the guy that would be, and it didn't happen. What the hell?. I was extremely  glad to see that beautiful hip check last game, but I also asked for a goal or 2 assists, I have to say I am very disappointed. I know you tried, but having a puck hit you and bounce back to Lucic who then scores does...not... count!. I expect better next game. I'll be happy with 1 assist. The Hip check better be there as well.

Thank you for understanding,

I promise to be serious again soon.

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