Monday, March 28, 2011

Keep Calm

All morning on twitter I've seen people complaining about ticket prices for playoff games. Personally having been to a couple over the years I can honestly say I would not think twice about paying those prices, it's like nothing else you will ever experience, game wise. To add to that, this year is 10 times more exciting then past years, there is a lot more hope for this years team.

I, however, don't have this option because of mistakes and wrong turns I've taken in life I am stuck in Alberta with no chance of ever going 'home'. I think all these Canucks fans need to realize just how lucky they are to live in the city, you can feel the electricity in Vancouver come playoff time, the atmosphere is absolutely amazing. That should be enough, if you can't afford to go to a game so be it, grab some friends and sit in your living room with a couple cold beverages. Grab some friends and head to a bar and enjoy it with other fans, it's still super exciting. On that note I really need to find a babysitter and a couple Canucks fans in this city.

Anyway, I guess in this situation, this new motivational poster I found is perfect.
check out for others


In other important news, I am not keeping calm about the fact that Dan Hamhuis has another concussion, I got 5 bbm messages while I was eating dinner about it last night and couldn't even finish eating. I sat there in a state of shock for awhile, 2nd concussion this season and 4 in his career doesn't sound good at all. Also, Hamhuis being out means baby Tanev is back in paired with Ballard, this leads to Ballard's ice time going down AGAIN.

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