Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keith Ballard Can't Shoot

This answers everything, Keith Ballard says he can't shoot, sort of.   He's also to nervous to go out during a shootout, poor guy, it's not like he plays in front of 18,000 plus people on an almost daily basis or anything. Maybe he'd be better off playing baseball, we all know he can swing  and hit things pretty well.

The Interview:

You guys like the whole thing with the shootouts?
Ballard: Ya I mean, I don't go on them. So I'm like a fan, I might as well go sit in section 212. I never shoot.

They don't let you shoot in the shootout?
Ballard: No, they don't even let me shoot in practise in the shootout.

Do they let you shoot at all?
Ballard: no, have you seen me shoot? you wouldn't let me shoot either.

If  you got into a shootout, what kind of moves would you use?
Ballard: I would try not to fall, Id be so nervous. That's probably why I don't get to go, because I tell them I'm nervous. I'd just try to get a shot on net, put my head down and skate back to the bench.

So your main thought in a shootout would be, trying not to fall?
Ballard: yeah, thats the definition of clutch, right?

very insightful, eh? I just made fun of Torres the other day for his goal in a shootout being ' getting a shot on net'...maybe Ballard's spending to much time with him off the ice or something.

In other news, I've discovered that Ballard is an alright actor and I need to start being a little nicer.

some extra fun

Shout out to @Miyudreams for finding the first video and sending it to me.  Another big shout out to @bradevans19 for the new banner. Thank you to everyone else who e-mails me things as well, however it's making it far to easy to make fun of him and I need to try to lay off that a bit. The picture of him in a Team Canada jersey is great, maybe one day I'll use it. 

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