Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Thank You

I read  Cam Davie's Thank You to the Canucks yesterday and it got thinking about my own  life and BCCH, and Children's Hospitals in general. When I was born I had major problems with seizures and chronic ear infections, I spent quite a bit of the first year of my life in Children's Hospital. Back in the day before everything was on computers I remember when I'd have to go there for different things and my mom would have to remind them that all my stuff was in not 1, but 2 different file folders there was so much. My sister also spent time there when she had a staph infection shortly after she was born, I was only 4 but I remember looking at my sister through glass and everyone, including my parents, in gowns, with masks on visiting her. Our stories are minor compared to some of the stories that come out of there, but fact is that my parents had to utilize their services for both their Children.

I have mentioned the stories before of both of my Children being in the hospital so I wont go into the complete stories again.  I can honestly say that the worst words I have ever heard in my life are " Your child needs to be taken to hospital immediately", and I've heard that twice. I've had some pretty bad luck the past few years, but thinking about it, if the only luck I have is that both my children made it out of that hospital alive, so be it. Thats all that matters. I can't even begin to imagine hearing those words, then hearing that your child will not be ok. My son should fully recover from his problems and my daughter is doing well, her heart condition can return at any time, but its easier to detect as she gets older and can tell us and as long as its addressed within an appropriate time, she will be ok.

I live in Edmonton(unfortunately), so my kids stories come from The Stollery/Childrens Hospital here, which leads me to a sort of a different thank you, a more expanded one. Of course, I also thank the Vancouver Canucks and Canucks For Kids Fund for their amazing contribution of 5 million dollars. Also, to the Sedin's for their personal donation of 1.5 million last year. This makes me so proud to be a Canucks fan and so proud of the organization as a whole. But also a thank you to every team who makes donations like this, of any amount really, it helps and needs to be recognized, in every city.

Another big thank you to every hockey player, on any team, that takes the time to visit kids in these hospitals. I love seeing the pictures of how happy the kids are to see the players and how much it can brighten their day, week, or even year. Having spent time sitting alone in a hospital room with my child, a little visit would mean  a lot. Oddly enough as I type this Ryan Jones of the Edmonton Oilers, just tweeted about the same thing.

@Jonesry28 One of the best days of the year... Hospital visits. Last year someone asked me whose jersey I was wearing...
Yet another Thank you to players like Tanner Glass, who, on his own time played Harrison Mooney from Pass It To Bulis, in a game of scrabble. Between t-shirt sales (which are awesome by the way) and pledges to see who would get the first play, managed to raise over $9,000 for The Canucks For Kids Fund. Something so simple, raised quite a bit of money. I am excited to see if this becomes an annual event and what more can be done with it next year.

 Finally, something that has really bugged me lately. Thank you to the players like Matt Carle of the Philadelphia Flyers, who donated $10,000 to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia when he reached 10,000 followers. People are constantly complaining about players and people who say they will do something when they reach a certain amount of followers. Personally I don't care how many followers I have, or how many the person I talk to has, or how many anybody has, or if they want more,  it shouldn't be an issue.  If people clicking 'follow' leads to a donation, of any sort, to any cause I agree with, I'm up for it.  It's a way to get the fans involved, call it a popularity contest, call it whatever if you don't agree with it, I don't care. I care about that $10,000 that went to CHOP. I'm sure he does other things off  ice in the community, so who cares if he wants to reach a certain amount of followers to donate some money. Now that I've said that, if you're not one of those people that complain about it, give @Jonesry28 a follow, he's donating when he reaches 20,000 followers.

Stop by Pucked In The Head  they have a raffle going on for $10 a ticket, with the chance to win a Kesler signed jersey, a Canucks hat signed by Alex Edler or White Caps tickets. Half the money from ticket sales will go towards a Charity of a fourth winners choice.

It's Also The Canucks annual Canucks For Kids Fund Telethon Day, so head over to and donate a few dollars, do you really need that second starbucks coffee of the day?. If you wont listen to me, Listen to Ballard

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