Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Keith

Dear Keith,

I read this in Ben Kuzma's article this morning and spit my coffee across my laptop.
When the mass media stormed the dressing room Friday night, Keith Ballard hung around, stood alone and wondered aloud in his best sarcastic tone if he was one of the three stars.
Well Keith, you can be 4th star. 4th is good, it's better then 5th. You had a great game, only thing missing was a goal, a hip check and a punch or two, and like I said I have a confession coming but not until you get a goal. I have to admit that I'm enjoying the Ballard/Rome pairing, it means almost equal ice time, so people don't constantly talk about it. I do miss poor baby Tanev though.  2 points in 4 games, that has got to be a season best for you, you need to celebrate. I did, I won a contest and was able to get a free jersey. I can't wait for my new Ballard jersey to get here, it can kick my Matt Cooke jersey right out of the closet and into a trash bag.

2 things I noticed when watching videos post game, first:

Ok, not original. You are not listening to me, or at least YOU have to be the one to do it. I think what makes the whole thing funny is Kristin Reid's giggling at whatever was said or done before,  and  Dan Murphy's smile.

"you guys aren't allowed to play" and taking off with the ball? how old are you, 10?. Sedin should of slapped you, and no I can't tell which one it is. Then to add to it, you play and miss. "Uh oh" is right, I see you can't play basketball either, it's looking more and more like baseball might actually be your sport. I guess to be fair I've read you are a decent football player and golfer as well. Ok, so maybe you just can't play basketball. The whole ' I'm going to pretend not to see my camera as I stick my hand in front of it', total fail.

Anyway, my mom says I need to be nicer to you, I believe her exact quote was 'Lay off the poor are going to give him a complex before the playoffs start....remember positive feedback brings positive actions!'. I guess I'll listen to my mom - so- good game, keep it up, you're a champ, blah blah blah. This is my last Dear Keith for awhile. (for the record, my poker face could beat your poker face any day)


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