Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Keith

Dear Keith,

I said I wouldn't be doing anymore Dear Keiths for a bit, but then had to post this:

Were you drunk when you recorded this?... where do I even start. "he's all man, hes 14lbs  he's tough'. I'm sorry, my cat weighs more then that. I'll give you credit for the name George, its veeeery creative.  I have a cat named Nuckena, Canuck sounded to masculine to me and Athena was a nickname of a friend, put the 2 together and I got Nuckena. I thought it was a good idea but maybe I should of just named her...I don't know.....Martha, by your standards. "All man, he has a camouflage collar"so THAT'S my mistake, I better go and return my Victorias Secret camouflage capris, I might come off as  manly, damn that manly camouflage. I give you actual credit for the fact you never put him in one of those damn doggy backpack things, those are absolutely ridiculous, kind of like the fact Aaron Rome actually scored a (empty net) goal last night. I'm really glad you are protecting your dogs identity because it's not like we don't see your face every game,  your face isn't plastered all over the place online and around the city so of course people don't know what you look like. I understand people would totally see the dog first if you showed pictures  and think "Hey thats George!" and mob him for pictures and pawographs, not recognizing you first.

That is all,


A quick run down of what we have learned today. George is 14 pounds, tough, and all man. He's white with a little bit of brown. He's  a Twins fan and  he requires a smaller bed than a big dog. He can sit, it's the only trick he knows to get a treat, and he loves cheese and Pupperoni. He loves big dogs, but he can beat them up, if one gets in  his face he's not afraid to defend himself. Wait.....are we sure Ballard's not talking about himself?

There may be an upside, notice Ballard is practically begging the Pup-Peroni people for free bags of treats. MAYBE that means he spent all his money on getting his pants hemmed, finally. Poor George, but remember, I did offer to do it for free. 

Disclaimer: George really is a cool name,  animals with 'real' names are Nick.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Keep Calm

All morning on twitter I've seen people complaining about ticket prices for playoff games. Personally having been to a couple over the years I can honestly say I would not think twice about paying those prices, it's like nothing else you will ever experience, game wise. To add to that, this year is 10 times more exciting then past years, there is a lot more hope for this years team.

I, however, don't have this option because of mistakes and wrong turns I've taken in life I am stuck in Alberta with no chance of ever going 'home'. I think all these Canucks fans need to realize just how lucky they are to live in the city, you can feel the electricity in Vancouver come playoff time, the atmosphere is absolutely amazing. That should be enough, if you can't afford to go to a game so be it, grab some friends and sit in your living room with a couple cold beverages. Grab some friends and head to a bar and enjoy it with other fans, it's still super exciting. On that note I really need to find a babysitter and a couple Canucks fans in this city.

Anyway, I guess in this situation, this new motivational poster I found is perfect.
check out for others


In other important news, I am not keeping calm about the fact that Dan Hamhuis has another concussion, I got 5 bbm messages while I was eating dinner about it last night and couldn't even finish eating. I sat there in a state of shock for awhile, 2nd concussion this season and 4 in his career doesn't sound good at all. Also, Hamhuis being out means baby Tanev is back in paired with Ballard, this leads to Ballard's ice time going down AGAIN.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Keith

Dear Keith,

I read this in Ben Kuzma's article this morning and spit my coffee across my laptop.
When the mass media stormed the dressing room Friday night, Keith Ballard hung around, stood alone and wondered aloud in his best sarcastic tone if he was one of the three stars.
Well Keith, you can be 4th star. 4th is good, it's better then 5th. You had a great game, only thing missing was a goal, a hip check and a punch or two, and like I said I have a confession coming but not until you get a goal. I have to admit that I'm enjoying the Ballard/Rome pairing, it means almost equal ice time, so people don't constantly talk about it. I do miss poor baby Tanev though.  2 points in 4 games, that has got to be a season best for you, you need to celebrate. I did, I won a contest and was able to get a free jersey. I can't wait for my new Ballard jersey to get here, it can kick my Matt Cooke jersey right out of the closet and into a trash bag.

2 things I noticed when watching videos post game, first:

Ok, not original. You are not listening to me, or at least YOU have to be the one to do it. I think what makes the whole thing funny is Kristin Reid's giggling at whatever was said or done before,  and  Dan Murphy's smile.

"you guys aren't allowed to play" and taking off with the ball? how old are you, 10?. Sedin should of slapped you, and no I can't tell which one it is. Then to add to it, you play and miss. "Uh oh" is right, I see you can't play basketball either, it's looking more and more like baseball might actually be your sport. I guess to be fair I've read you are a decent football player and golfer as well. Ok, so maybe you just can't play basketball. The whole ' I'm going to pretend not to see my camera as I stick my hand in front of it', total fail.

Anyway, my mom says I need to be nicer to you, I believe her exact quote was 'Lay off the poor are going to give him a complex before the playoffs start....remember positive feedback brings positive actions!'. I guess I'll listen to my mom - so- good game, keep it up, you're a champ, blah blah blah. This is my last Dear Keith for awhile. (for the record, my poker face could beat your poker face any day)


Friday, March 25, 2011

Roberto Luongo is Afraid of Keith Ballard

"I'm trying not to make eye contact with him, he might snap at any time." Roberto Luongo (via @BenKuzma )

It's ok Roberto,I'd be afraid of him to if I was you.  Remember the whole deal with you playing further back in your net, keep that in mind tonight. I did mention his great baseball like swing he has the other day. If you haven't seen it, check it out. He just needs to learn to hit baseballs, not heads.

If you don't know what happened after, it really wasn't all that bad, Vokoun's ear required some stitching but that's it. It looks a lot worse seeing him being carried off on a stretcher.  Since the Canucks are playing hockey tonight, where Ballard thought they he was playing baseball last year,  I guess he's been bugged a bit, something I am a strong believer in.

I mentioned this on twitter, but I have a confession to make..HOWEVER  it will not come until Ballard scores a goal.

Dear Manny

I'm not afraid to admit that I didn't know who you were when the Canucks signed you last summer. I did some research and was excited to see what you could do for the team this season. Unlike my mom, who 4 months after you signed asked when the Canucks acquired you, I noticed your impact from the start. I've always marvelled at how low you manage to get when taking a face off. Specially watching game day skates and you practising it, I've often wondered if I could get into that position without my fat butt bursting through my pants. (Kind of like the way I wondered and then had to see if it was possible to bend the way Keith Ballard's leg did when he had his injury In January, I'm not always the sharpest skate on the ice) I'm not going to try it, I value my pants.

It saddens me that even after players like Bieksa, Torres, Salo and Glass saw you get injured and are seeing the impact it's having on you, that none have decided to wear a visor. I guess its their own decision, as they've seen what can happen, they know the impact it can have on not only their ability to be able to continue their career, but everything outside it as well. Although, I guess really I'm torn on the whole debate on whether visors should be mandatory, I do understand the comfort level side and all that.  NHL players are grown men and can make their own decisions regarding things that may impact their own and their families lives. When Ohlund had his eye injury, I was young and didn't quite look at it the same way I do now that I have my own family to worry about and know how things can effect my children. I look at thing differently now.

You've had a great career between 5 different NHL teams and representing Canada 3 times in the past 12 years. I really hope we get to see more of you. You've had a career  most boys (and some men) dream of but never achieve. Your work off ice is something to be very proud of, I love that part of the reason you chose Vancouver was because of how active the organization is in the community. I think its amazing some of the things you have said, and done for the community in your short time in Vancouver, one being becoming a spokesperson for the Canucks Autism Network. The story I've heard Mike Gillis tell about seeing you in a restaurant in New York and quietly sneaking back after everyone had left to give a homeless person outside the restaurant a few dollars, just shows the kind of person you are. I will admit I didn't know exactly how involved you were in the community until I started to write this and was looking for information, and now I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes as I read all the stories.

I don't know if your injury will heal and allow you to play again, but of course I hope it will. Nobody deserves to have their career cut short like that, definitely not a person like you.  If  you are unable to return, I hope you realize what an amazing career you've had on and off the ice and I'm sure the off ice contributions will continue, because from what I've read you're that kind of guy.  If the Canucks go onto win the Stanley Cup this year like every Canucks fan is hoping, I hope you realize, and are proud of, what a big roll you played in the team being where it is today. I hope the Canucks can do it for you, Manny.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keith Ballard Can't Shoot

This answers everything, Keith Ballard says he can't shoot, sort of.   He's also to nervous to go out during a shootout, poor guy, it's not like he plays in front of 18,000 plus people on an almost daily basis or anything. Maybe he'd be better off playing baseball, we all know he can swing  and hit things pretty well.

The Interview:

You guys like the whole thing with the shootouts?
Ballard: Ya I mean, I don't go on them. So I'm like a fan, I might as well go sit in section 212. I never shoot.

They don't let you shoot in the shootout?
Ballard: No, they don't even let me shoot in practise in the shootout.

Do they let you shoot at all?
Ballard: no, have you seen me shoot? you wouldn't let me shoot either.

If  you got into a shootout, what kind of moves would you use?
Ballard: I would try not to fall, Id be so nervous. That's probably why I don't get to go, because I tell them I'm nervous. I'd just try to get a shot on net, put my head down and skate back to the bench.

So your main thought in a shootout would be, trying not to fall?
Ballard: yeah, thats the definition of clutch, right?

very insightful, eh? I just made fun of Torres the other day for his goal in a shootout being ' getting a shot on net'...maybe Ballard's spending to much time with him off the ice or something.

In other news, I've discovered that Ballard is an alright actor and I need to start being a little nicer.

some extra fun

Shout out to @Miyudreams for finding the first video and sending it to me.  Another big shout out to @bradevans19 for the new banner. Thank you to everyone else who e-mails me things as well, however it's making it far to easy to make fun of him and I need to try to lay off that a bit. The picture of him in a Team Canada jersey is great, maybe one day I'll use it. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dear Matt Cooke

I'm going to totally contradict myself here about not bitching about players, but at this point I don't care.

Dear Matt Cooke,

I keep thinking about the jersey I have of yours hanging in the back of my closet, and the fact that not only am I disgusted with myself for having it, I'm even more disgusted with the fact I have it hanging along with 2 Trevor Linden jerseys. I think back to when I was, I think, 12 or 13 and saved up all my money from my first job and was so excited to buy that jersey. In fact one of my favourite birthday presents through my childhood years was a simple birthday card which, thanks to a mutual family friend, was signed by you and Harold Druken.

I can't think back that long to remember why I you were my favourite player at the time, I know I thought you were great, I was so nervous I puked after meeting you before a skills competition one year. I know once I started to understand everything a little more and get more into the game in a knowledgeable level you were my favourite because you were a pest, a little shit disturber. You can ask anyone who knows me how much of a pest and little shit disturber I could and still can be, so it was a perfect fit. Unlike me, however, I do not remember you ever quite crossing the line during that time, something you do way to much of now.

This topic has been beat to death, but I feel the need to bitch as well. One time, maybe I can say agree with it may have been an accident, you didn't mean to do it, blah, blah, blah. Anytime beyond that is definitely inexcusable. You aren't a rookie, you are a player who has been playing in the NHL for over 10 years, smarten the hell up or get lost. There has been enough talk of head shots and stuff this past year that even the newest of rookie knows better.  I don't need my son growing up and seeing you make hits like you have been and thinking it's alright because an NHL player is doing it. In fact, even if you were playing the Canucks, I probably would not allow my son to watch the game. If it was the Matt Cooke I remember in his Canucks days, maybe, a pesky little shit disturber is fine, but I don't want my son to know of the player you have turned into.

How do you explain these things to your children? how do you explain the type of hits you make and justify it? surely you've told your children in the past that ' it was a mistake or an accident' wasn't the acceptable answer to something they did,  so I sure as hell hope that isn't how you are explaining your hits and suspensions to them. Maybe they are to young to understand it now, but your reputation is being set in stone, and unless you  attempt to make a change now, it will stay that way. I feel sorry that your kids have to know about this Matt Cooke.

I know you and your wife are very charitable off ice, I think The Cooke Family Foundation of Hope is amazing, and your family does amazing things with it. I wish you guys the best of luck in the future with it, and maybe one day I'll even contribute, but at this point I just can't justify it. I know you do other things as well, and this is my challenge to you. You need to find a way to reach out to young hockey players, at hockey schools etc, and explain to them why there is no room for head shots and other illegal hits in the game of hockey. These young kids look up to you big NHL players, make a positive out of it.

You need to find a way to turn this thing around, before one day another player has had enough and turns you around, you may not be as lucky as some of the players you have hit, and as much as I dislike you right now, I wouldn't wish an sort of injury upon you. Can't say the same for others.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear Keith, Congratulations.

Dear Keith,

I'd like to congratulate you on your  son, I'm a little late I know, but I'd also like to give you some advice if I can. I know many people didn't know that besides that adorable little girl of yours you also have a son,  but I know all, really I do(n't). Since some people didn't know this, I thought I'd share a picture I came across.

He's adorable, good job on the adoption. Since you didn't send out announcements I'll give everybody the details.
Name: Chris Tanev
Born: December 20th 1989
Weight: 183lbs
Height: 6 ft 2in

You guys look absolutely adorable together, great combo. I know all good parents will tell their children that they should wait to 'score' until they're married. I ask you to give your big Chris the opposite advice, tell him he can score as much as he wants, please, he needs that first time. I honestly can not wait for his first goal, purely to see your reaction, how quickly you'll scoop up that puck and have it gold plated and hung on your wall. I wish I had been able to hear the segment on you two between periods a few games ago, however the place where I watch games puts music on during intermission so I couldn't hear it. Also, please, please, please start feeding this kid, he's 3 inches taller then you and over 20 lbs lighter, he needs some meat on his bones.

Once again, Congratulations.

Onto the next order of business. I've kind of looked like this the past 2 games:
Your play has been steadily improving the pasts couple games, even if your ice time is still up and down. An assist last game? that deserves a high five. You now have 6 points on the season, only 15 away from your previous lowest point season, you've got 10 games to fix this, jump on it. Apparently people think I know everything about you, and why your playing time is the way it is. I've been trying to blame it on your reported sore groin and banged up knee, but no matter how I try to explain it, people seem to take it the wrong way. Specially since there are people thanking ME for your improvement in play the last few games but I guess really, I can  pretend it's because you found out about my blog. I am  tired of constant messages asking me why Aaron Rome gets more ice time then you when you are clearly the better defenceman. I mean, really, obviously  I think you are, this isn't ' Rome sweet Rome'. People seem to think that I have Alain Vigneault on speed dial and can just parle some francais with him and find out all these answers (yes, I know, according to my last name it would appear as though I can speak and write in french, but I can't).

One last thing, Pass It To Bulis pointed out that you have been pranking your wardrobe all year, after they saw my blog.  So I guess this explains the lack of stories since the Bieksa failure, but please I need you to  do at least one thing. While the kesler bombings (or keslurkings as some people insist on calling them) are hilarious, somebody really needs to put him in his place. I saw that Luongo tried but, in my opinion, it wasn't that good. This is YOUR TIME, step it up, make it huge, wipe that damn cocky smile off Kesler's face. Nobody will remember anything about your pants then.


p.s. Score a damn goal already.

On a totally unrelated note, because I like to do that. I am a huge military history geek, when I'm reading or watching TV it's always hockey or military history related. You'd also probably be surprised how much hockey and different things in Canada's military history have effected each over the years, maybe I'll get into that some day. Some of my favourite geeky times  have been wandering around Canadian Forces Bases checking everything out. Anyway,  I'm not going to get completely into it right now but I ask you all to remember a simple phrase for me, 'Don't love the war, love the soldier'. You don't have to agree with or understand the war, or the politics behind things happening throughout the world, soldiers don't always either but it is their job to protect and defend, and  THEY need the support. Remember when you see that fighter jet with CANADA stamped on its side, flying through the air, someone's dad, son, husband, brother, cousin, friend....someone who matters to people somewhere... is flying it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Thank You

I read  Cam Davie's Thank You to the Canucks yesterday and it got thinking about my own  life and BCCH, and Children's Hospitals in general. When I was born I had major problems with seizures and chronic ear infections, I spent quite a bit of the first year of my life in Children's Hospital. Back in the day before everything was on computers I remember when I'd have to go there for different things and my mom would have to remind them that all my stuff was in not 1, but 2 different file folders there was so much. My sister also spent time there when she had a staph infection shortly after she was born, I was only 4 but I remember looking at my sister through glass and everyone, including my parents, in gowns, with masks on visiting her. Our stories are minor compared to some of the stories that come out of there, but fact is that my parents had to utilize their services for both their Children.

I have mentioned the stories before of both of my Children being in the hospital so I wont go into the complete stories again.  I can honestly say that the worst words I have ever heard in my life are " Your child needs to be taken to hospital immediately", and I've heard that twice. I've had some pretty bad luck the past few years, but thinking about it, if the only luck I have is that both my children made it out of that hospital alive, so be it. Thats all that matters. I can't even begin to imagine hearing those words, then hearing that your child will not be ok. My son should fully recover from his problems and my daughter is doing well, her heart condition can return at any time, but its easier to detect as she gets older and can tell us and as long as its addressed within an appropriate time, she will be ok.

I live in Edmonton(unfortunately), so my kids stories come from The Stollery/Childrens Hospital here, which leads me to a sort of a different thank you, a more expanded one. Of course, I also thank the Vancouver Canucks and Canucks For Kids Fund for their amazing contribution of 5 million dollars. Also, to the Sedin's for their personal donation of 1.5 million last year. This makes me so proud to be a Canucks fan and so proud of the organization as a whole. But also a thank you to every team who makes donations like this, of any amount really, it helps and needs to be recognized, in every city.

Another big thank you to every hockey player, on any team, that takes the time to visit kids in these hospitals. I love seeing the pictures of how happy the kids are to see the players and how much it can brighten their day, week, or even year. Having spent time sitting alone in a hospital room with my child, a little visit would mean  a lot. Oddly enough as I type this Ryan Jones of the Edmonton Oilers, just tweeted about the same thing.

@Jonesry28 One of the best days of the year... Hospital visits. Last year someone asked me whose jersey I was wearing...
Yet another Thank you to players like Tanner Glass, who, on his own time played Harrison Mooney from Pass It To Bulis, in a game of scrabble. Between t-shirt sales (which are awesome by the way) and pledges to see who would get the first play, managed to raise over $9,000 for The Canucks For Kids Fund. Something so simple, raised quite a bit of money. I am excited to see if this becomes an annual event and what more can be done with it next year.

 Finally, something that has really bugged me lately. Thank you to the players like Matt Carle of the Philadelphia Flyers, who donated $10,000 to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia when he reached 10,000 followers. People are constantly complaining about players and people who say they will do something when they reach a certain amount of followers. Personally I don't care how many followers I have, or how many the person I talk to has, or how many anybody has, or if they want more,  it shouldn't be an issue.  If people clicking 'follow' leads to a donation, of any sort, to any cause I agree with, I'm up for it.  It's a way to get the fans involved, call it a popularity contest, call it whatever if you don't agree with it, I don't care. I care about that $10,000 that went to CHOP. I'm sure he does other things off  ice in the community, so who cares if he wants to reach a certain amount of followers to donate some money. Now that I've said that, if you're not one of those people that complain about it, give @Jonesry28 a follow, he's donating when he reaches 20,000 followers.

Stop by Pucked In The Head  they have a raffle going on for $10 a ticket, with the chance to win a Kesler signed jersey, a Canucks hat signed by Alex Edler or White Caps tickets. Half the money from ticket sales will go towards a Charity of a fourth winners choice.

It's Also The Canucks annual Canucks For Kids Fund Telethon Day, so head over to and donate a few dollars, do you really need that second starbucks coffee of the day?. If you wont listen to me, Listen to Ballard

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ian Walkers me right into a Dear Keith.

I need to start off by saying Ian Walker.. aka @walkerbigtalker is awesome. I mean really, I creep  him during game day skates and bug him about looking at the back of his head while waiting for player interviews and he hasn't blocked me or reported me to the police..... yet. That is win number 1. Win number 2? THIS (skip past the Tanner stuff it doesn't matter.....ok yes it does, my almost 3 year old has a huge crush on him). Unfortunately, this brings me to another instalment of " Dear Keith"

Dear Keith,

First off, Skinny jeans? really? ahhh Don't get me started. Don't...even...get me started. I'm not taking that bait. After my last Dear Keith my mom messaged me and told me I was being a little hard on you, I laughed it off thinking you'd never find out about it and I didn't give it much thought. Now?..... I'm still not sorry. Maybe now you'll do something about it but if you still want to be lazy, I've got one last offer. You are here in less then a month, bring all your pants. I don't have tickets to the game so I'll sit outside Rexall and hem them for you, I can have it done in the time it takes to play a game. Maybe if I'm lucky Ian will bring me a beer (AHEM).

Last game there was something started on twitter that for every Canucks goal scored, fans would text a number and donate $5 towards relief efforts in Japan. Well, I went one step better, or so I thought. I told Derek Jory that on top of that, for every shot on goal you had I'd donate $5 and for every hip check you made I'd donate $10. Looking back at the past while, I thought it was a safe bet for a few donated dollars.  According to my sources you had four of your shots blocked... FOUR!...none got through. Also, you completely missed with the hip check. You are not helping that situation, I expect you to pick it up next game. As far as chirping, it's what short people do, you should know this. How about you score a goal and maybe I'd have something to compliment you on..............Boom?

I'm Sorry, Really, it's just to easy. You are my favourite player.


p.s. For the Record, Ian is the king of interview bombings. He's Walker Bombed  After Hours so many times this season I can't even keep track. His methods a little different, he walks by at least once, pretending to be looking at something on his phone.
Ian darling, You wear whatever you want  when you're on the Sportsnet panel, if anyone bugs you I got your back(even though you added an extra letter in my twitter name in your article), anything is better then rolled up jeans. Don't worry Bif,  I promise not to start a blog called 'Write Me That, Walker'.

In all fairness I'll leave you guys with these 2 pictures from the Behind The Lens galleries

These pants appear to be about the right length, but don't get me started on those socks.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dear Keith

You know, in my original post about your pants being rolled up and out I thought, and hoped, it was a one time thing. Yesterday I wrote something about you for another site and was looking for a 'free' none copy righted picture I could add to it. I came across this:

really Keith? REALLY?! I believe this picture was taken before the ones in my original "Dear Keith"  , that started this whole Dear Keith nonsense. It frightens me that I am now aware this appears to happen on a regular basis. Believe me, I know what its like to have issues with pants, I'm 5'1" on a good day, even "short fit" womans pants are a good 3 inches to long.  If you wont take my offer and call up my grandma, I have another option for you. Send me your pants, I will hem them FOR FREE. Hell, throw them in a box and send them collect, I'll pay it all. You make approximately 4.2 million dollars more then me a year, but I don't care.  Also to prove my point, I believe you and Jeff Tambellini are the same height. Take a look at his jeans, they appear to be rolled as well..but nobody sees it. Don't make me change my blog to Play Me That Tambellini, because someone else already praises his greatness enough, and it doesn't have the same ring to it that Play Me That Ballard does.

Ryan Kesler has done a good job with his ' interview bombing' lately, don't you agree?. This is your time to step up and do something. You don't have to walk around with no shirt on behind people in interviews, just something. Out do Kesler somehow. I mean yes, it's funny you offered to pledge $1 towards Tanner in the scrabble tournament, and that you attempted a prank on Kevin Bieksa but come on, I need something else to talk about, something else to toot your horn about.

Sincerely a girl who knows your pant troubles,


Friday, March 11, 2011

There Was a Game Last Night?

Last night I sat watching possibly one of the best Canucks games of the season, sitting there thinking, wow I have nothing to write about tomorrow as far as this blog goes. I don't write about the actual games here usually because, well, it's done a million times over on other blogs, and I actually do it for a different woman run sports site. I had no idea what I was going to write, or if I'd even have anything to say today.

Overtime hit, everyone was going crazy and I was praising John Shorthouse for his a-freakin-mazing play by play last night all over twitter and facebook. Yes, everyone was talking about the play, Burrow's late penalty in the third, Kesler's in overtime, and I....was talking about John Shorthouse. If people didn't know about my love for Shorty, they sure do after last night.

So, like I said, I was following along on twitter and facebook seeing what people had to say, and I started to see' breaking news' tweets about an earthquake that had hit somewhere. More and more started to show up, saying a 7.9 magnitude earthquake had hit Japan. I continued to watch post game stuff, waiting to see what crazy  thing Ryan Kesler was going to do to get into someone else's interview. Sure enough, he did it, and it was weird. plain. creepy. weird.

I started to see more and more tweets about this earthquake and it's magnitude being upgraded, being from Vancouver, this kind of stuff gets drilled into your  head about just how bad an earthquake can be. I turned on CNN and sat there in absolute shock. The pictures and video coming in were absolutely horrific. And you know what? to be completely honest  if you had asked me at that time, or even a few hours later, I wouldn't have been able to tell you one player that scored in the game I had just watched, or even the final score. Even though it was an unbelievably good game I had just sat and watched, Suddenly it just didn't matter.

Some may call me crazy, but maybe I'd call them crazy, at that moment hockey didn't matter. I sat there trying to figure out what I would do in a situation like that. I sat there wondering what the death toll was going to be by the end of all this. I sat there wondering, am I going to be watching this on the news one day as the 'big one' hits the BC coast? I'm from Vancouver and just about every single family member, and almost every friend I have still lives there. What would I do in that situation? What would they do? I hope I never have to deal with that, but the truth is I may have to at some point.

 The Canucks played a great game last night, and Japan was hit by a massive earthquake. Coming from a girl who would probably end up on the news as the one who had her baby in a car because she didn't make it to the hospital to have the baby because she wanted to watch the end of the hockey game, it really put everything into prospective.

I don't know where I was trying to go with this but I was able to see that, last night, hockey took a back burner, hockey didn't matter. I'm not a religious person so I'm not going to pray, but my thoughts are definitely with those in Japan.

So, when I look back on March 10th 2011 will I  remember the Canucks played the Sharks in San Jose and  their game went to over time and the Canucks eventually won? Probably not,  but I'll always remember a massive earthquake hit Japan.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When Good Things Go Bad

 I saw this tweet yesterday morning from a friend and had a little chuckle

@taryneliza_beth  Thank the Lord twitter wasn't around for the Bertuzzi shenanigans.

I could not imagine the crap, I lost friends over it, the bickering was endless. It was discussed in every single class, everywhere you went everyone had an opinion about it. I worked at McDonalds at the time and saw hundreds of people a day, I wore a Canucks logo sticker on my name tag and had to take it off because people would see it and feel the need to share their  opinion.

As a Canucks fan I remember their game March 8th 2004, I think any Canuck fan would, and it will forever be in your memory whether you like it or not. I'm not here to debate what happened, Bertuzzi punched Moore from behind, Moore hit ice, players jumped on, Moore broken vertebrae and concussion, Bertuzzi suspended, The end. Ok, not really the end as stuff is STILL going on with it in court, but as far as the game goes, that was it. Everyone has their own opinions, and quite frankly I really don't care what they are anymore it's been played out too much. I understand it's serious, but there is nothing I haven't heard that could possibly sway me now from the opinion I had then, and still have now.

 When Dan Hamhuis was was hit by Ryan Getzlaf in a game last month and left with a concussion, the same thing but this time in the form of social media, you couldn't escape it, people wouldn't shut up about it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on the players/hits but holy hell, you can only take so much. 

So, as you've probably guessed by now, enter the Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins game last night and the Zdeno Chara hit on Max Pacioretty. Pacioretty has reportedly suffered Broken vertebrae and a severe concussion. Sound familiar? and so it begins again. I heard about the hit last night but was quite busy with my kids and even missed most of my beloved Canucks game and went to bed right  after. I watched the hit this morning and couldn't even eat my breakfast after. Seeing that hit, seeing him on the ice, seeing his saliva dripping out of his mouth and freezing to the ice. wow. I don't think I can properly describe exactly what I was feeling, and I'm sure most fans feel the same. Once again, not here to discuss if it was a clean or dirty or suspend-able hit, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I've heard enough already.

I understand each play I've mentioned does come with the need for extremely important debate and talk about how to improve the game, the rink design, players attitudes, players equipment etc. I'm not the one to discuss that with because, well, I'm not smart enough to have input into any of that. I also understand their are far more debatble incidents that have caused injury, but those are the first 3 that came to mind. Anyway, I'm heading a different direction then probably most of the people writing about this today.

As a fan, someone who doesn't even know him,  I was absolutely sick to my stomach when I saw Max Pacioretty laying on the ice.  I can not  fathom  how it must of been for his team mates, his friends, his family and girlfriend. Can you imagine being at the game and seeing your son, boyfriend/husband, father like that on the ice? Can you imagine even sitting at home watching it on tv? I don't know the protocol as to how family can get down to the player after or find out information about him from home, but I imagine it takes awhile and must be pretty scary.

As a mother and girlfriend, I'm not sure I'd ever not have anxiety that something like that could happen with my children watching if my boyfriend were a hockey player. I'm sure the thought must cross these wives minds if they bring their children to the game or let them watch their daddy on TV.  If their father makes a living from playing hockey, obviously their children are going to be proud and want to watch, so it's not even like you can try to avoid it. When I saw Dan Hamhuis lying on the ice, and I could even clearly see that he was conscious and moving my thoughts were immediately to his wife and 2 young children that I had  read about before in a Fort Nucks post.  I don't believe she was at the game because it was reported after that she was called in to pick him up because they didn't want him driving. Was she watching the game? was their 2 year old daughter?  I'd love to know the thought process of wives during times like this, and what goes on.

From another angle, I know kids can be vicious, vicious beasts. If your father is a star hockey player, other kids are going to know, and other kids are probably going to comment when he has a good game or bad game. So, if a player makes one bad decision, one hit goes badly and he severely injures another player, does some of this fall back on their kids? If we all have our opinions, some of them are obviously going to be bad about the player, these thoughts may be passed along to their children, I imagine some of these thoughts are going to be passed around the school yard and eventually get back to the player's child. How is this explained at home? do their children really suffer because of this? I guess, this may be stuff that is talked about before their children is born. I'd hope so anyway.  So, another point I never really intended to make as I ramble on all over the place here, may be to parents. We all have our opinions, I see them beat to death everywhere. Be careful where, when,  and to who you are saying these things to. I know the large population of us will never have children who are school yard pals with players kids, but  you never know, and you never know when something you may say or feel about how a player plays may reach back to their children. They don't deserve it.

Once again, I know stuff needs to be debated, people need to share their opinions, and I'm quite guilty of it when it comes to Matt Cooke lately. However imagine his kids, proud of him for being an NHL player, who may one day google their dad, and see all the nasty stuff that is being said about him.  I'd love to know if this stuff is discussed before players decide to have children. Also, how does a  player like Matt Cooke discuss this kind of thing with his children? I'm not telling people not to do it, I'm simply wondering how the other side of all this deals with it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Game Day Routine

That's right.
I have a game day routine for home games.

I woke up one day last week and thought about my day ahead, realized it was the last game of a 6 game home stand  for the Canucks , which meant one more game day skate streamed on I suddenly had a list of things run through my head that I needed to get done, my game day routine I guess, as sad as that may be.

My typical day when the Canucks are playing at home. (keeping in mind I live in Edmonton so I'm an hour ahead of  people in Vancouver)

6:00am- Wake up with my son, give him his breakfast
8:00am - My daughter wakes up, give her her breakfast
10:00am- We all eat some sort of snack
11:00am- I start preparing activities for them like arts and crafts, that will keep them sitting at the table usually
11:30am- set up computer to watch morning skate and player interviews, sometimes I have my laptop on the kitchen counter and I prepare lunch. I realized yesterday that sometimes it's not necessarily watching what's going on, I love the sounds. The sounds of the skates on ice, the sounds of the puck hitting the boards, the sounds of the puck hitting the post. It almost feels weird on days when I don't get it.
Skip ahead
6:00pm - Have dinner prepared to feed the kids, myself, my boyfriend and his parents
7:00pm- Get both kids beds ready and snacks prepared
7:30pm- Set up laptop for pre game warm up
7:50pm- Watch pre game Sportsnet blabber
8:00pm- Put kids to bed
8:30pm- Sit down to watch the last half of the first period and remain there until about 10:50pm-11:00pm when player interviews and everything are all done

So there you have it. On weekends and earlier games it completely screws my schedule up. I don't usually get to watch game day skates on weekends. I also hate early starts that make the game end right around the kids bed time. Id rather miss the beginning of the game then the end.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Team Colours

I put a link to my last post on my facebook and my dad commented saying this
Hey Christine, how about talking about how pissed your dad gets when looking at the crowd at Rogers Arena, and seeing a mess of colour in the stands. As a shut in, not being able to go to games, I always watch them on TV. This cities crowd does not know how to cheer for our team. people wearing grey, yellow, black,green,orange, shirts or jackets. Come on people, it's a home game. Wear something BLUE. I'm not saying the ladies don't look good in their pink Canucks shirts, I would just like to see the fans support our great team. come on SHOW OUR COLOURS. If you can't afford a jersey, find a blue shirt or t shirt. Other fans fill there arenas with the home colours . lets show the team and the world that we support our #1 team. Dean.

Sorry dad, You're probably not going to like my answer. You make a good point, but I have a few of my own.  I'm not saying I don't agree that it would be nice to see an Arena filled with blue, as we see in Calgary with all their red.

First off, I  HATE pink hockey stuff. HATE. I have a very hard time coming to terms with womans 'fitted' jerseys, but I have. I refuse to come to terms with the fact that their needs to be pink stuff made for girls to wear it. I do like the regular coloured t-shirts, tank tops, hell I even like the underwear, but something about the idea of changing the colours to be more girly just rubs me the wrong way. Pink and those stupid looking bedazzled type jerseys are stupid, support your team, where their actual jersey, don't change things up to look more 'girly. This may also be a result of the fact I'm just a 'Hockey loving tom boy' and hate the colour pink in general. Those pictures you can find from time to time with girls wearing nothing but a jersey and standing with a hockey stick and such, I find the girls wearing the baggy regular jerseys to be 'sexier' then if they are wearing some tight fitting or pink crap. Not that I'm attracted to girls at all, and not that there's anything wrong with a girl being attracted to a girl, but.........I'm going way off track here.

Second, this team has had so many different colours as their jerseys in the past 40 years. Black, orange, red, yellow, blue, I forgetting anything?a few shades of each. If you had the chance to buy a jersey over the years, but don't now and still want to wear a Canucks jersey to the game, it's going to be the wrong colours.  If you take a look at the merchandise available with Canucks logos on it, you end up with the green, blue, white and pink quite often, but their is also all the stuff with the old logos. Especially right now with the Canucks celebrating their last 40 years, they have come back with the different vintage styles, obviously the flying skate logo isn't going to look right on a blue or green t-shirt. People like that logo, and will spend the money on a 40th anniversary t-shirt to have it, instead of a white whale on a blue t-shirt. Also, the people who still want to support a player but can't afford a jersey are going to go with the player t-shirts, these are a very dark blue compared to the bright blue that is in the uniforms. The Flames have had the same colours for their 30 years of existence in Calgary. This makes it easy for the "sea of red", whether you bought your jersey, jackets or other shirts 10, 15,20 years ago, or yesterday it's still going to look the same in the crowd.

Third, Canucks ticket prices have skyrocketed, I remember going to games and they had specials for 4 tickets, plus white spot and parking for just over $100. Now, Canucks fans laugh at other teams with pricing like that, wishing this was still possible in Vancouver. The teams success has made going to games the cool thing to do, the thing the hip people do. This has lead to people who don't even care much about the game, or supporting the team in other ways, go to the games to be able to say "Hey, I went to the Canucks game last night!".  All the suits that used to win tickets through work and used to give them away like candy, are now going to the games, usually straight after work, still in their suits. Most t-shirt prices and everything are even up, if you want a nice t-shirt your usually looking at about $40, and with the world the way it is right now, a lot of people are just going to choose to wear their older stuff. It still says Vancouver Canucks and still has *a* Canucks logo, so its still cheering for their team.

I guess until we see this team use the same colours for a longer period of time their is always going to be a lot of variation in the crowd. Watching pre game warm ups online, and now finally finding a Sportsnet Pacific feed, I see lots more crowd shots, there is a lot of people in Canucks stuff, a lot older, but still cheering their team wearing it. People would also rather wear an older shirt, with a logo or name then just a plain blue shirt. That combined with the suits, and the "Cool people", are all going to add together to make a giant rainbow of colours. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see Rogers Arena a "Sea Of Blue", but I just don't see it happening any time soon.

Did I just get through an entire post without mentioning Keith Ballard once? Hot damn, I deserve a cookie. I also deserve a cookie because its my birthday.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why aren't they playing me that Ballard?

Time for a little chat.

 I was looking through my stats for this site and found something interesting yesterday. It had been found during 2 separate google searches using " Why isn't Vancouver playing Ballard more?" and " Why does Ballard get so little ice time?". Aaron Rome has had up to 6-7 minutes more TOI, and some people don't get it.  So, a few observations I guess.

  • It's been a long running 'joke' that Alain Vigneault  has some sort of man crush on Aaron Rome, which is why even though people see Ballard as the better player, Rome is getting the ice time.
  • Running with that, it is said that Rome is allergic to wood, therefore unable to sit on the bench for long periods of time.
  • It is also said that Rome has compromising pictures of Vigneault.
  • It's also been said that Rome has been calling Vigneault dad for months.
Now lets get serious
  • He  suffered a concussion  early in the season and was side lined. Upon returning from that concussion he was scratched 4 games later, he later admitted that he wasn't feeling 100%,  after the lack of exercise and such while being out with the concussion. (by the way, random fact,  he claims it's impossible to give 110%)
  • Ballard sprained his knee in early February, he came back sooner then expected and everyone thought this was  a good thing. He had said somewhere(wish I could find the interview) that during this time he didn't have a single day off, from the night he hurt his knee to the time he played his first game back, he was getting treatment on his knee and working every single day. He also said that even though his knee is 'healed' he still felt pain, and could possibly for the remainder of the season. Could it possibly come out his knee is bugging him more then we thought? like he wasn't feeling great coming back from the concussion dealio ?
  • It came out tonight that he has also been playing with a groin injury, the exact amount of games I do not know.
  • He tweaked his knee again in tonights game, and claims to be fine. We shall see.

So, this doesn't explain it all, but may have some insight into it. After chatting with people today I wouldn't be opposed to sitting him again for a few days, because before the game I had mentioned his knee was probably still bugging him. Now that the groin injury has come to light and issue with his knee tonight, it probably wouldn't hurt to sit him a game or 2...but that wont happen.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Puck The Bunnies

Found this when looking through Travel Babbles blog (go check it out girls! you wont be sorry), and had to share. Some have probably seen it, but it's to good not to share for those who haven't

It doesn't need an explanation, it's just awesome.

They'd give a kidney, to get with Sidney [D G]
I'd give an arm to do them harm [A D]
They're so obnoxious and they're so awful [D G]
I wish they would go and watch some baseball [A D]
Because they're so damn stupid and so damn cocky [D A]
But they know next to nothing about hockey [G D A]

Because when Quick blocks the puck [G D]
All they to do is [cough] his brains out [G D G]
And when Toews shoots and scores [G D]
They want to throw him on the floor and have their way [G D A]
Puck bunnies don't know [cough] about hockey, [G D A G]
Because they're there to play a different game [G A D]

They're not loyal to any one team [D G]
They're fans of anyone that's winning [A D]
So if the Penguins, have a bad season [D G]
It's hello, Blackhawks or maybe Bruins [A D]
Because they're so damn stupid and so damn cocky [D A]
But they know next to nothing about hockey [G D A]

Because when Fleury blocks the puck [G D]
All they to do is [cough] his brains out [G D G]
And when Talbot shoots and scores [G D]
They want to throw him on the floor and have their way [G D A]
Puck bunnies don't know [cough] about hockey, [G D A G]
Because they're there to play a different game [G A D]

They'll go Wild for all of the Lightning [D G]
And say "put in my five hole," to any Red Wing [A D]
They want the Thrashers, Kings, and Flames [D G]
And they're like Predators to the Hurricanes [A D]
Because they're so damn stupid and so damn cocky [D A]
But they know next to nothing about hockey [G D A]

Because when Miller blocks the puck [G D]
All they to do is [cough] his brains out [G D G]
And when Staal shoots and scores [G D]
They want to throw him on the floor and have their way [G D A]
Puck bunnies don't know [cough] about hockey, [G D A G]
Because they're there to play a different game [G A D]

Because when Luongo blocks the puck [G D]
All they to do is [cough] his brains out [G D G]
And when Stamkos shoots and scores [G D]
They want to throw him on the floor and have their way [G D A]
Puck bunnies don't know [cough] about hockey, [G D A G]
Because they're there to play a different game [G A D]

And they're driving me insane! [G A D]

Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Pictures and a Dear keith

 Dear Keith,

What was with the helmet pre game? it really threw me off my game of, uh, watching pre game warm up. Were you tired of seeing your hair stand up night after night even after you got your hair cut?. You threw a great hit in the game, nice to see. That's about the only nice thing I have to say though. Now lets just work on getting some pucks TO the net, and hope that one day AV appreciates you a little bit more then Aaron Rome. Good post game interview. I was so annoyed with the game, I was ready to throw my laptop out the window. Good luck on the road.

Score a god damn goal already,

Anyway, onto more pressing matters before my head explodes from thinking about that 'game' last night..

Hockey has given me some pretty cool stories in life even though I've never really played the game beyond our school parking lot. My only sort of claim to fame may be that I played floor hockey in school with Karl Alzner and Kenndal Mcardle. Thats as far as my actual  hockey playing stories go. Quick Random story, Karl and I once got in trouble in drama. We were doing improv work and naturally ours was about a hockey game, the teacher made us stop half way through because we weren't being creative enough and had to choose something other then hockey.

I have, however, been a member of many different hockey forums on the internet for a number of years. The first few years I'd love to forget, but the past 6-7 years or so have been pretty cool. I was going through my photobucket account and found some old pictures, I wish I had the rest from these times but I've had laptops die, and laptops stolen and I'm only left with a few. I've met some pretty cool people through them, made some real friendships and the major main one I was involved in even got me baby presents when my daughter was born, all Canucks stuff for her of course. (The jersey was passed down to my son, and is now in a keep sake box and it makes me extremely sad to look and see just how big they are both getting)  They played in tournaments, where I was just the underage drunk girl watching. Hey, someone's got to do the dirty work and yell at the refs and score keepers.
can you spot me? yeah, not going to point myself out :/

Here?I think I'm pretty easy to spot.
When the draft was held in Vancouver I had the opportunity to go with them, this was the last time I was in GM PLACE  before I made the decision to move to the frozen land. Being comfortably drunk before 4pm and booing Gary Bettman? HELL YEAH!.I got my picture taken with my favourite draftee at the time, James Sheppard, however I have a major double chin so that picture is staying in hiding (photoshop anyone?).

god I look young, that was 5 years ago.

I'm so short, the cop and guy 'guarding' the cup were laughing at the size of the Cup compared to me. Your so short Stanley Cup jokes, anyone?
don't  hate me Ted, I love this picture of Cody and I.

I've met many people through various other ways that have somehow related back to hockey. Everything in my life usually does, but those are the people that definitely stand out to me.

When I still lived at home and the fire department was called to my house and I wasn't home, The firefighters commented to my parents how much they loved their son's room as they were leaving. I am 1 of 2 girls in the family.
I came runner up in the ultimate Canucks fan contest on with this bedroom, I wish I still had the other better pictures, but you get the idea.
my grade 12 art project and the only A I think I ever received in my entire 5 years of High school.

Anyway, There is no real point I'm trying to make today, just thought I'd share some of my hockey pictures I recently found.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cringe Worthy

It's easy to pick favourite players such as Ryan Kesler and The Sedins, based on the basic fact they are amazing players. Stats show that. I can't lie, last year when I was looking into retiring my Trevor Linden jerseys and getting a new player jersey, I ended up going with Alex Burrows. I did this the day after he had scored his 7th goal in 3 games. I kind of regret it now in a way,hes a great player, just not my favourite by far.  It's not like I can't wear it with pride though, unlike some other jerseys I own that I want to burn, *cough* Matt Cooke *cough*. Sorry, what was that?  I was actually pricing a new jersey and looked up Keith Ballard jerseys on ebay to see what there was, there wasn't 1 single jersey. The company I got my Burrows jersey doesn't even have them in stock, you have to order and they will make one, every other player is in stock. There is however his game worn jersey from the skills competition still available, its a measly $300 if anybody wants to buy me a present for my birthday next week.

So anyway, enter Keith Ballard, as usual. I've joked about it being wrong kind of reasons, or as someone referred to me the other day a "Ball bunny". I couldn't help but laugh at THAT one, but for real, I'm better then that. Statistically, looking at points, it makes no sense, if you're looking from the way I mentioned above.  Some of my reasons I stated in "Oh Ballard, My Ballard" are crazy, I know. I was looking for a blog name and was trying to figure out something that would work with a players name and one thing lead to another, I got Ballard. My "Dear Ballard" posts, are just stupid nonsense that comes from being cooped up in a house with 2 kids all day, every day. That nonsense comes out at the expense of poor Keith Ballard.  Now I'm really sounding even more like a girl who really doesn't know what she's talking about.

He doesn't score many goals, he has 2 on the season in 47 games played. He has never had a season in the past 5 where he has under 20 points, right now he has 5. You have to factor in the fact he isn't the top defenceman he was on other teams, isn't getting the same amount of playing time because of it, and also games played. He has missed games due to a concussion, being a healthy scratch(which has since been admitted he still wasn't feeling well from the concussion, and lack of physical activity while out), the flu and a knee sprain. He also came into training camp after having off season hip surgery, all this factors into the year he's having. I'm not trying to make excuses, the fact is he probably should be playing better, and on a team like the Canucks, he has stuff to work on. I'm a sucker for the underdog, for the one with the good playing attitude and for the one that has the best off ice(ie interviews) personality. He's no Trevor Linden, but he has the attitude and personality that I like. I am not afraid to admit when he has a bad game, I'd probably be the first to jump on him about it. I'd have no problem admitting when he made a bad play, should be benched or should even be scratched.  Which brings me to my next eye roll.

When a fan can't admit their favourite player isn't doing well.
It's almost like, being blinded by love, but different..... maybe. It drives me up the friggen wall when a player is doing bad, every single real fan you talk to can admit it but this one person will sit and make excuses for him for everything. Or talk nonsense about playing him on lines that don't even make sense position wise, let alone playing ability wise. If the player has been a healthy scratch and sees limited amounts of ice time, how the hell can you say he is playing his best hockey?....ok.... Maybe he just doesn't fit in the line up, the team is stacked and has players that are better then him. Don't sit there and try to convince people why he should be playing, obviously the team is doing alright without him. Why can't people just admit that? hope he gets traded, or signs somewhere else and gets the play time he deserves if he is so great? You can be a fan of him on another team, even if the Canucks are "your team", but please feel free to move on. The more I think about it the more it just seems like the wrong reasons, because it makes no god damn sense.

I really don't know where I was going with this, I'm pretty sure I got off track and made no sense. Bottom line is, I'm sick of seeing grown people act 12 years old and trying to defend their favourite player. You're taking it too far, admit when hes not playing well, when he may fit better on another team or your just going to make yourself look like your liking him for the wrong reasons. It makes me feel the need to have to justify myself every 10 minutes to make sure people don't think I'm like that.

Funny story. Was at Toys R Us the other day and, as I've mentioned before, was in my usual  jeans and a Canucks player t-shirt. I'm not one to dress up, specially not on a quick trip to Toys R Us. I happened to have on my Ballard shirt (I also own Kesler, Hamhuis, 3 Lindens, Bertuzzi and Cammalleri ones). I'm walking along and I hear someone walk up behind me and then I hear " Hey sweety, you can hip check me any day"... hah WHAT?!. It took me a minute to clue in, and it took everything I had not to just burst out laughing while slapping him silly. I turned around told him he gets a "B for effort" and continued on.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Kevin and Keith

Dear Kevin,

You've had some good chances this past weekend to do some pretty entertaining things, and you didn't do them. I was watching After Hours on Saturday night with Ryan Kesler and had an idea. You should of had some  KB3 stuff made up and walked back and forth behind Kesler, Weekes and Oake as much as possible. It would of been great. Then on Sunday at the skills competition you should of snuck out and pied Keith Ballard in the face, for the failed prank he tried on you. Then again I know your really busy at home with  your 2 little ones, and the broken foot and all. I expect better in the future.

I hope we have an understanding,

Dear Keith,

I am glad to see you listened and got your hair cut, although it was probably just due to the Skills competition and not wearing a helmet. Your daughter is A-freakin-dorable, not as cute as mine, but I'm a bit biased on that of course. Were you supposed to be in charge of pieing Chris Tanev and Cody Hodgson? you seem like the guy that would be, and it didn't happen. What the hell?. I was extremely  glad to see that beautiful hip check last game, but I also asked for a goal or 2 assists, I have to say I am very disappointed. I know you tried, but having a puck hit you and bounce back to Lucic who then scores does...not... count!. I expect better next game. I'll be happy with 1 assist. The Hip check better be there as well.

Thank you for understanding,

I promise to be serious again soon.